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In December 2016, XCI is asking the UREP to rate the priority of the following items.

Capability Delivery Plans

Earlier in 2016, the UREP assigned high or very high priority to the following six use cases.  XCI developed Capability Delivery Plans (CDPs) to explain the specific activities that will be needed to "close the gaps" in these use cases. Now, the UREP will tell us whether or not we should carry out each CDP, and what priority we should give each CDP.

New and Revised Use Cases

The following 14 use cases have been requested by XSEDE stakeholders since the most recent UREP review, and each appears to require functionality that XSEDE doesn't currently have. The UREP will tell us how important each use case is to the user community, and XCI will develop CDPs for the ones with the highest importance.

Two-factor authentication

Campus bridging

Service providers and resource integration

Cloud (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)

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