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Executive Summary of Meeting

Dates: Tuesday, April 25 (6-8pm CDT dinner) & Wednesday April 26 meeting (8am-3pm CDT)


Aloft Hotel

9700 Balmoral Ave.

Rosemont, IL 60018

(847) 671-4444


Hotel Shuttle

From O'Hare:

    • The Bus/Shuttle Center can be reached by foot, and is centrally located between all 3 Terminals.
    • Hotel shuttle is a large white van or bus, with a blue Aloft logo outside Door #3.
    • To check on the status of the shuttle, call 847-671-4444, ext. 0.

From Hotel:

    • The airport shuttle departs the hotel on the hour and half-hour, between the hours of 5 AM - midnight to the Domestic Terminals.
    • For complimentary transportation outside of this time frame and for international arrivals, please call 847-671-4444, ext. 0.


XSEDE Advisory Board

  • Randy Bryant

  • Thomas Cheatham

  • Toni Collis

  • Rama Govindaraju (Remote)

  • Cliff Jacobs

  • Albert Lazzarini 

  • Phil Maechling
  • Karin Remington

  • Shaowen Wang

  • Theresa Windus

    Service Provider Forum Representatives:

  • Dan Stanzione (Remote)

  • Shawn Strande
  • Craig Stewart (Remote)

    User Advisory Committee Chair:

  • Emre Brooks


  • John Towns
  • Kelly Gaither
  • Ralph Roskies
  • Nancy Wilkins-Diehr 

Directors and Project Managers

  • Dave Hart  (Remote)
  • Laura Herriott
  • Dave Lifka  (Remote)
  • JP Navarro
  • Ron Payne
  • Greg Peterson
  • Karla Gendler


Tuesday, April 25th (Aloft Room: Exchange 1)

Time (CDT)

6:00 - 8:00 pmDinner & discussion of agenda and process for WednesdayAllPlease notify Ron Payne of any dietary needs

Wednesday, April 26th (Aloft Room Tactic 2)

Time (CDT)

DurationTopic (w/links to presentation materials)Who
7:00 am60 minsBreakfastAll
8:0015 mins

Welcome and introductions

John Towns
8:1530 mins

Session I: Project overview presentation w/XAB feedback 

(vision/mission/goals, relation to national cyberinfrastructure, project KPIs, high level budget)

John Towns
8:4560 minsSession II: XCI presentation w/XAB feedbackJP Navarro presenting on behalf of Dave Lifka
9:4530 minsSession III: Ops presentation w/XAB feedback Gregory Peterson
10:1515 minsBreakAll
10:3045 minsSession IV: RAS presentation w/XAB feedback David Hart
11:1560 minsSession V: CEE presentation w/XAB feedback    Kelly Gaither
12:15 pm45 minsLunchAll
1:0045 minsSession VI: ECSS presentation w/XAB feedback 

Nancy Wilkins-Diehr

Unknown User (roskies)

1:4530 minsSession VII: Science Case for XSEDEUnknown User (roskies)
2:1530 minsSession VIII: Program Office presentation w/XAB feedback Ron Payne
2:4530 minsSession IX: Project Improvement Fund presentation w/XAB feedback Ron Payne
3:15 Wrap-up & AdjournAll


  1. Link to Google Doc:
  2. XAB Member: Shawn Strande feedback file



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