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This series of documents is designed for new XSEDE staff who are eager to learn more about the XSEDE project. It is optional but strongly encouraged. We have tried to walk a fine line between being too brief and too comprehensive. These pages are living documents which we encourage you to help mold into something lasting and useful. 

Step-by-step New Staff Orientation Guide

Below are the topics covered in this New Staff Orientation:

  1. Vision/Mission/Goals

  2. Target audience

  3. Overall organizational structure

  4. Related organizations

  5. Partnering organizations

  6. What does XSEDE do and what does XSEDE not do?

  7. Where to learn more

  8. Project priorities and changes

  9. What’s new?

  10. Quarterly meetings

  11. Conferences

  12. Reporting processes

  13. XSEDE staff

  14. Project management

  15. Templates

  16. Presentations

  17. Security

  18. Newsletters


Did you know?

There are between 10 and 20 new XSEDE staff each month.




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