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  • Quarterly Report materials
    • Webinar
    • Unallocated SP put into RDR, participation in information services next
    • Campus queue in production, sending jobs to Karst and OSG
    • Jetstream Cluster Work
    • Outreach with CSUCI, UKMC, Slippery Rock
  • Campus Fellow activities
    • Francesco changing schedule somewhat to dedicate more time
    • Protocol reached for interacting with the system folks
    • Hope to have time in the next few weeks
    • Maybe do a visit to Bloomington by end of year
  • Campus Queue
    • Running jobs
    • Looking for local candidates from Karst at IU
    • Atlas and CMS are consuming opportunistic cycles, reducing the available pool for CQ jobs
    • OSG moving from job-limited to resource-limited state?
  • Toolkits update
    • DTN toolkit discussion during SC16
    • XNIT demo image on jetstream, "Easy Button" route to quick jetstream allocations on the way
  • Jetstream cluster update
    • coordination with Science Gateway folks
    • Meeting scheduled SGG, making job submission smoother
    • Jeremy has a potential user
    • Marlon has another potential interested user
  • SP Coordination
    • RDR and checklist activities ongoing
  • SC activities
    • DTN meeting
    • SIG-RCE coordination
    • Rich needs to reach out to ACI-REF for a meeting


  • Rich
  • Francesco
  • Jeremy
  • Victor
  • Barbara
  • Rob


  • Resa
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