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Agenda Items

  • SP Coordinator items
    • new software deployments out - notices are out to the SP's
    • SP checklist activities - want to get Jetstream and Wrangler wrapped up before later meetings with Rudi & others
    • Unallocated SP activities – getting resources to show in RDR and list capabilities
      • RACD group activity reviews - need to share the load within XCRI
      • Design reviews - more for SP's – is there an SP who can go on these to provide feedback?  If not, then XCRI will need to.
    • Unallocated SP's will be listed soon in RDR, next is to get information publication framework.  Allows software search tool to identify resources.
    • Big Data Hubs - discussed the RDR and IPF, could be used to publish member information.
  • SC16 activities discussion
    • Workshops - Advancing HPC Professionals (Monday)
    • ACI-REF
    • Internet2 touch-base in booth
    • Francesco as Champions Fellow
    • Meet with Susan Mehringer about Virtual Workshop activities (campus cluster - RDR and IPF)
    • Social Dinner - Campus Admins and CRI-friendly folks
  • Virtual Workshops with Susan Mehringer – specifically globus wkshp
  • CC Fellow 
  • Campus Bridging page needs updates and draft
  • Webinar - low attendees, use the currently-scheduled one as a dry-run with reviewers.  Possibly schedule a webinar in second-ish week of December 
  • Slippery Rock group - ordering parts from dell, want to get some input from other campus folks.
  • Globus Playbook improvement.  


  • Rich Knepper
  • Barbara Hallock
  • Victor Hazlewood
  • Eric Coulter

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