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When to use the Old Financial Reporting tool


the New XSEDE Financial Portal
  • All expenses being reported for the XSEDE 1.0 award and the 2 month supplement ending 8/31/2016 should be reported in the old XSEDE financial reporting tool:
  • The old XSEDE finance portal will be available for XSEDE 1.0 invoice reporting until 12/31/2016
  • All expense being reported for the New XSEDE 2.0 award beginning 9/1/2016 should be reported in the new XSEDE Finance Portal (link will be provided as soon as it is available.
What is different about the New XSEDE Financial Portal?
  • The data entry screen will be pre-populated with the data entered in the previous month. This data can be edited if it is no longer relevant for the current month. 
  • FTE related financial expense data will be entered at the person level for each WBS area. This means that salary, benefits, and any other labor driven costs per person per WBS. This does not include travel or indirect / F&A/ overhead costs.
  • Travel will be reported at the person level for each WBS area.
  • All Non-FTE costs will be reported in one lump sum at the WBS level.
  • Indirect / F&A/ overhead costs will be calculated automatically based on the approved rate for your institution.
Who is responsible for entering and editing data in this tool?
  • Sub-Award PIs and their respective Business Offices are responsible for entering and editing the data into this tool.

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