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  • CiLogon at Brandeis (XSEDE Champion Fellow) - tabled as Francesco Pontiggia is double-booked - will meet next week with him in order to prepare him for a meeting with the Brandeis CIO 
  • Jetstream Cluster - meeting with admins, ansible scripts very close to completion, need to get API access via TACC, official launch is on the way, Aaron: able to deploy with docker containers and create a swarm cluster of docker instances (provides resource manager and load balancers), goal is providing a scalable Jupyter notebook space
  • Grant proposal - campus cluster co-op proposal in process
  • Campus Queue - R Quick not around
  • Roundtable
    • Packages - not much new to report - need to look up new directions
    • Toolkits - we should put our toolkit sketches in the wiki (and about that wiki access, anyway?)
    • Github - should we connect a instance?  Aaron has secured an XSEDE namespace in
    • and what about Slack for XSEDE?  Aaron will ask Dana Brunson about a broader slack team




  • Barb Hallock
  • Resa Alvord
  • Eric Coulter
  • Rich Knepper
  • Aaron Culich
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