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A Community Software Area (CSA) provides space for community code developers to install, maintain, and provide access to their community code for the XSEDE user base. A CSA should be an allocated space separate from the user's $HOME directory provided to community code developers upon request. This area may be backed up and should be available on both login and compute nodes. The CSA should also be included in the Service Provider module search hierarchy and published using IPF to enable discovery. The community code maintainers will be provided with module templates and assistance to create module files to allow users to easily access the community code.  If a software usage facility is available, such as XALT, we would request that the SP provide utilization statistics to the community code group upon request.

From the community code group we will request the following:

  1. Request a startup allocation for developers at 
  2. Email with
    1. an estimate of the space needed to install, test, and maintain the code.  Each SP may set their own limits or guidelines which we will publish on the XSEDE web site.
    2. the XSEDE allocation associated with the community code.  
    3. a point of contact in case the code causes issues on the system and must be disabled from execution.

Expected support provided by the SP:

  1. Disk space provided for the CSA that is backed up.
  2. Creation of the CSA space with the group id associated with the PI's XSEDE allocation.
  3. Inclusion of the module files in the module search hierarchy.
  4. CSA software is reported to XSEDE along with SP-installed software and marked as CSA for inclusion in XSEDE Sofware Catalog Discovery.
  5. Usage information if available through XALT

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