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  • Scott Wells

  • Gary Rogers

  • Tim Boerner
  • Adam Slagell
  • Victor Hazlewood
  • Mike Pingleton

Discussion items

2 min



Current Ops-Mgmt membership

    • Tabitha is deputy for DTS and SysOps; Tom Hutton still in DTS but no longer deputy

Plan for XSEDE Quarterly meeting Chicago Aug 29-31.

    • Double-check with your management for travel funds.
5 min

Action items from last week

VictorDouble check everyone has Confluence wiki login access. 
    • No one indicated having problems so closing this one out and assuming everyone has access now

 XSEDE2 Operations RT ticket queue support info has been sent to MikeP

    • Confirmed that all groups sent info to Mike.  Will move on to next XSEDE Division for this

Verify that private space areas is allowed in XSEDE2 wiki (short discussion)

    • Scott said this was brought up in Wiki policy discussions and expects that this will be the case. 
    • Victor to double-check on SMT that we are ok to do this as needed
2 min

Data Transfer Service (GridFTP) metric from

XSEDE1 Data Services (short discussion)

    • Will be asking Tabitha to coordinate instrumentation of this for DTS
    • This was the Area Metric for the Data Services WBS in PY1-5
    • It is now the Area Metric for DTS
1 min

 Final double check that KPIs in the google

doc are current and accurate

    • No feedback from conference call attendees so assuming this is done
2 min

Double check that everyone has their group membership

list and have updated/created XSEDE mailing lists

    • Networking will continue use of ops-network list for the XSEDE staff and SP list and ops-dts is just for XSEDE funded staff in DTS
1 minManager coordinationVictor
    • None

Action items

  • Victor Hazlewood - Ask Tabitha to communicate with Chris Jordan and Siva at TACC about instrumenting the GridFTP data for the DTS Area Metric
  • Victor Hazlewood - Check with SMT about private spaces for the new Wiki