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  • Scott Wells

  • Jim Marsteller, 

  • Tom Hutton

  • Gary Rogers

  • Greg Peterson

  • Victor Hazlewood 

  • Mike Pingleton

  • Tim Boerner


Discussion items

Quarterly Reporting StatusVictor
  • Victor mentioned that all XSEDE1 group leaders submitted quarterly reports to Scott and he and Greg reviewed and submitted our quarterly report.  Thanks to all for getting this done and continue to work on automating any and all metrics collection to continue to make this process faster.
 Ticket system items/discussionVictor
  • Ticket queue supporters for each Operations WBS level needs to be sent to Mike Pingleton.  Send the list of supporters (all XSEDE funded for your group) and the watchers (a subset as decided by you or your group) which can be a subset. Watchers will get emails with the ticket information when ticket is created.
  • Overview/update of ticket support process review (see attachment from e-mail).  Review the attached diagram and provide any comments or feedback to Victor on this.
  • Mike mentioned he has what he needs regarding RT access to coordinate ticket activities.
 Review of XSEDE2 Ops Org Chart. See: Organization Chart & WBSVictor
  • Managers asked to review the new XSEDE organization and WBS charts
 New XSEDE2 wiki. See and try to login to: XSEDE Staff Wiki 
  • Managers asked to login to the new wiki and review
  • Scott added preliminary information to each group's page to give them a headstart mailing list reviewVictor
  • Ops-mgmt ailing list was updated by Victor
  • Managers asked to review their own group mailing lists for any updates/removals
 Manager coordinationManagers
  • Need to see if all have confluence access; Victor will turn in a ticket
  • Need to ask if there is any possibility for private space for groups on the wiki

Action items