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Risk Management is key to the success of XSEDE. By identifying risks, their triggers, mitigation strategy and contingency plans, XSEDE can reduce the risk and keep moving forward. Before each quarterly meeting, risk owners will be asked to review their risks, providing any updates and adding any new risks that may have appeared. A risk Report/review may be given at the quarterly meetings.


General Risk Writing Directions 

Risk Management Refresher slides are available for review Risk Overview_PM Discussion_QM 2018 March_kg.pptx


Detailed Instructions for Risk Updates and input into the Risk Review

  1. Approximately 10 days before the end of the quarter, Risk owners will receive an email to initiate the Quarterly Risk Review process. The email will include all the Risk assigned to the Risk Owner. Clicking on the Risk ID in the email will open the Risk in JIRA.

  2. In three days time, the Risk owner updates the Risk in JIRA by updating the Risk Status.

  3. Here is the text of the reminder email that is sent to Risk Owners:


We are approaching the close of another quarter and need to conduct a risk review. Risks should be reviewed regularly to decrease their potential impact on XSEDE. Please review the below list of active risks currently owned by you and change them to the appropriate Risk Status. For instructions on how to use the Risk Register please refer to the Risk Register User Guide on the XSEDE staff wiki or email your area project manager.

Please complete this review prior to the end of the quarter.


      1. Please review your risks in preparation for the next Interim Project Report.
      2. Make any updates to your risks in JIRA.
      3. Update the Risk Status from Review to the appropriate status
      4. In addition, please think of any new risks that might face XSEDE for where we are now with the project and enter those into JIRA.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.


Risk Review Schedule

Risk Updates are done electronically prior to the end of each quarter. Each Risk Owner will receive an email listing the Risks that are assigned to them for review. Results of the Risk Updates are discussed during the Risk Review at each Quarterly meeting.

Risk Register

The Risk Register is maintained by the Project Management & Reporting (PM&R) team.  


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