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The XSEDE project is managed by the University of Illinois (Illinois/NCSA) with key partnerships (via sub-awards) to the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin/TACC), MPC/Carnegie Mellon University/University of Pittsburgh (PSC), and the University of California at San Diego (SDSC), plus other partners who strongly complement their expertise. Illinois will ensure that a project governing structure, which promotes efficient and effective project performance, is in place throughout the award period to support all project activities. Illinois is responsible for the satisfactory execution of the project, for the management and oversight of sub-awards, subcontracts, and procurements, and for the submission of timely and complete reports as requested by NSF. The project team consists of highly qualified senior staff members with extensive and current experience executing large projects, high-performance computing operations, and distributed environments.

Key Roles and Activities

The Project Director (PD) together with the Deputy Project Director will oversee the management of the project as a whole and will direct the activities in the XSEDE Project Office (WBS 2.6). Community Engagement & Enrichment (WBS 2.1), Extended Collaborative Support Service (WBS 2.2), XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Integration (WBS 2.3), Resource Allocation Service (WBS 2.5) and Operations (WBS 2.4) will each be managed by a senior management team member. The PI/Program Director will be responsible for day-to-day program management. The XSEDE PI (Towns) and co-PIs (Gaither, Sinkovits, Blood) hold ultimate authority and responsibility for successful program execution and will meet regularly to consider overall project direction and strategy as well as advise the PI on critical project-wide issues.

Learn more about how the functional areas of XSEDE contribute to the project's overall goals in this video presented to the XSEDE Advisory Board. 

XSEDE Senior Management Team

The XSEDE Senior Management Team is the highest level management body in the organization. It will be chaired by the Program Office Director (Payne), and will include co-PIs (Gaither, Blood, Sinkovits), Deputy Project Director (Boerner), and the directors of Operations (Peterson), Community Engagement & Enrichment (Gaither), Extended Collaborative Support Services (Blood and Sinkovits), XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Integration (Lifka), the Resource Allocation Service (Hart), and the Senior Project Manager (Froeschl). These positions are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the project. In order to be responsive to both the user community and the set of SPs with whom we will collaborate, the chairs of the User Advisory Committee (Brookes) and the XSEDE Service Providers Forum (Marinshaw) are also members of this SMT. The cognizant NSF Program Officer (Chadduck) is an ex officio member of the SMT. The XSEDE Senior Management team will meet on a bi-weekly basis to assess project status, plans, and issues.

Advisory Bodies

The XSEDE governance model is geared towards inclusion of, and responsiveness to, users, resource providers, and the NSF scientific community. The various stakeholders will have input through three distinct advisory bodies, which have direct access to the XSEDE Project Director and the XSEDE senior management team through regularly scheduled meetings. In order to remain well informed of the requirements of the user community, XSEDE leadership will receive advice and counsel from the XSEDE User Advisory Committee, the XSEDE Service Providers Forum, and the XSEDE Advisory Board. These advisory committees will be intimately involved with XSEDE management in guiding the project towards optimal operations, service, and support for users.

Special advisory subcommittees may be convened to address specific topics as they arise. Each will be headed by an advisory committee member and may include members outside of the established advisory committees.

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