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XSEDE envisions a world of digitally enabled scholars, researchers, and engineers participating in multidisciplinary collaborations to tackle society’s grand challenges.


Substantially enhance the productivity of a growing community of scholars, researchers, and engineers through access to advanced digital services that support open research; and to coordinate and add significant value to the leading cyberinfrastructure resources funded by the NSF and other agencies.


To support XSEDE’s mission and to guide the project’s activities toward the realization of XSEDE’s vision, three strategic goals are defined:

  • Deepen and Extend: XSEDE will deepen the use of the advanced digital research services ecosystem by existing scholars, researchers, and engineers, and extend the use to new communities. We will prepare the current and next generation of scholars, researchers, and engineers in the use of advanced digital technologies via education, training, and outreach; and we will raise the general awareness of the value of advanced digital research services.


    1. Deepen use to Existing Communities
    2. Extend Use to New Communities
    3. Prepare the Current and Next Generation
    4. Raise Awareness of the value of advanced digital services
  • Advance: XSEDE will continually advance the advanced digital research services ecosystem by creating an open and evolving e-infrastructure, and by enhancing the array of technical expertise and support services offered.


    1. Create an Open and Evolving e-Infrastructure
    2. Enhance the Array of Technical Expertise and Support Services
  • Sustain: XSEDE will sustain the advanced digital research services ecosystem by assuring and maintaining a reliable and secure infrastructure, and providing excellent user support services. XSEDE will further operate an effective and innovative virtual organization.


    1. Provide Reliable, Efficient, and Secure Infrastructure
    2. Provide Excellent User Support
    3. Effective and Productive Virtual Organization
    4. Innovative Virtual Organization

To assure that the quality of our products (how well are we delivering the mission) and to assess progress toward our vision we have identified metrics to measure our progress toward meeting each sub goal. These key performance indicators (KPIs) are simply a subset of our project metrics that we feel to be the true or best currently available measure of how well we are meeting a particular sub goal. 



XSEDE is a virtual organization that provides a dynamic distributed infrastructure, support services, and technical expertise that enable researchers, engineers, and scholars to address the most important and challenging problems facing the nation and world. XSEDE supports a growing collection of advanced computing, high-end visualization, data analysis, and other resources and services. XSEDE is funded by the National Science Foundation.

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