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  • 20190605- Panel Session: Community Impact & Science Use Cases
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Action Items:

Due Date
Update to Community Impact Slides

Slide 19

  • Expanding Access to Advanced Computing --Engaging community–can forward reference that it will be discussed in XCRI & CEE. 
  • Typo:  Cal State Lost Angeles

  • Suggestion to break up XCRI & CEE pieces. XSEDE empower video could be added
  • Add hyperlinks to stories in the slides.

Slide 24: Needs updates re. campus champions

Slide 26: PEARC18 attendance: 655 

  • PEARC is now affiliated with ACM

27: Need to get up to speed on security and make updates

28: Could be rolled into how we set stage for XCRI contributions.

Icecube: add more info about actual messenger event. Should be the highlight. Multi-messenger astronomy. More focus on scientific impact. 

  • Modeling optical properties of ice

Bird genome

  • Be ready to share software used for sampling 



Notes/ Discussion items:

Financial story (Mao Ye) --ongoing collaboration from Teragrid to present.  

  • NY Stock Exchange adjusted rules based on this work. Verify this involved XSEDE, and if so mention it. Result in regulatory changes that decrease the chance of a stock market crash. Previously small trades (below 100 shares) didn't have to be reported, which resulted in traders breaking up trades to smaller amounts so as to not have to report. This was changed so everything has to be reported. 

  • Include Anirban Jana

Important to show relationship with CEE, but need to see what Kelly is including in her slides & think about what should go there.  Bob talks about collaborations with ECSS & CEE in his slides as well. Should look at those as well. 

Slide 23 Earthquakes ==Ongoing engagement with team goes beyond --decade of engagement. Could do similar thing with Mao Ye. Show that it's more than individual allocations; persistent report of important efforts that produce important impacts. Go more in depth with Mao Ye. May not be able to do as much with that story as with earthquake (or other similar stories that show impact over time). Suggestions for other obvious stories? Nothing new in earthquake slide (shown last year), but ok to reuse as we'll have new panelists. Long term collaboration & something tangible that makes a difference in the real world. 

  • Tornado story isn't ready to present in this manner. 
  • LIGO: story we tell next will come out of ROI work. Nothing recent to talk about with them. 

Suggest projecting more enthusiasm during presentation



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