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  • 20190605- Panel Session: Project Governance & KPI Driven Decisions
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Action Items:

Due Date
KPI driven decisions QMA-368 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Change approach to show specific examples. Ron will pull a handful of significant examples with direct community impact that were pulled at project level and send to John. Attempting to find a way to put in quantitative ways, but still figuring out how to do that. Pull in evaluation team eventually to consider this as well.  

 Add project risk QMA-369 - Getting issue details... STATUS

 Risk of loss of key personnel as we get closer to end of award period–should be considered as a project-wide risk. Increased probability of critical staff as we near the end of XSEDE2 without knowledge of what will come after.  


Notes/ Discussion items:

Governance slides will be similar to last year. John is pulling these together. 

KPI driven decisions

  • Only one year of data with new KPIs. Not sure that is enough time to demonstrate how we use them for decision making. No good way to connect dots between old & new metrics. 
  • Lots of examples in reports that show that we watched the target & took action based on performance, but that isn't quantitative
    • Convert stoplight chart to numeric value system, convert actual values (at, above, below target) to numeric, show relationship between stoplight going yellow/red and then increase results 
  • Eval team has lessons learned section in their presentation.
  • Using KPIs to drive decisions within the project. 
  • Having a consistently green stoplight isn't necessarily good–we make incremental changes to higher targets in order to continually improve. 
  • Not all KPIs are meant for decision making. Some are indicators of whether you're moving towards goals, but don't tell how to do this. Some are useful for decision making, but not all are. 
  • Have reporting system PLUS external evaluation team to understand how we're doing .
  • Concern by some L3s that KPIs are always being increased to be harder and harder to reach. Goal isn't the drive to perfection, but if there is something we can improve in let's continue to push ourselves. 
    • Criteria for targets includes are they realistic. Should always consider that. 




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