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  • Toolkits
    • Biocontainers - Jodie to build base installs for Trinity & others, then talk about what additional modules, modifications
    • Virtual Cluster Toolkit - minor updates to image creation, some pull requests to XCBC
      • Process for outside contributors to submit pull requests to XSEDE github 
  • Outreach activities
    • PEARC 
      • Panel - planning meeting complete, some folks still getting funding
      • BOF - planning session required
      • Tutorial on Clusters in Jetstream (many other events in play)
      • Poster - will need to represent at poster session
    • Co-located  NRP/CC* & CICI PI/the Quilt meeting
      • Potential beyond just making powerpoint presentations (Rich contacted Wendy Huntoon about agenda, Dave Jent from IU also attending
    • NJIT call - help building a funding center for central research support - proposal to NJIT leadership...
  • Site Visits
    • GMU visit next week - training enterprise admins on cluster-building activities, scheduling, managing scientific software
      • Thinking about assessments?  Case study on knowledge transfer? (SEHET or SC event?)
    • Brown - first call is this Thursday.
    • Contact on CC-list from Michigan
  • Champions Fellows
    • Still waiting on reply from RMACC/Thomas Hauser (Mohammed will follow-up)
    • Doug Jennewein has agreed to provide logs from University of South Dakota
    • Rich to do some legwork on Stampede logs


  • Resa Reynolds
  • Jodie Sprouse
  • Mohammed Tanash
  • Lucille Jarzynka
  • Eric Coulter
  • Marlon Pierce
  • Victor Hazlewood
  • Craig Stewart
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