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Principal Investigators and staff member institutions are provided here for your information only. These collaborations will largely be conducted remotely; however, the Fellows program does provide travel funding to the site of the XSEDE staff member to kick off and conclude the collaboration.

Although Campus Champions Fellows are not expected to contribute expertise to the projects to which they are matched, they may need a certain skill set in order to tackle higher-level activities during the course of their fellowships. Prerequisite skills, when necessary, are indicated in the table below.

PIInstitutionConsultant 1Consultant 2Consultant 3Project Title
Edson Roberto SeverniniCarnegie Mellon University   Lonnie D. CrosbyAnalysis of the effects of climate change on planning and operations of SERC's power system, Y1
Robert CowenOregon State University  Lonnie D. CrosbyAutomated classification of In Situ Ichthyoplankton Imaging System (ISIIS) images using Convolutional Neural Nets on parallel computing infrastructure
Steven Massey University of Puerto Rico  Chad Burdyshaw  Chad BurdyshawCharacterization of the metabolic phenome of oceanic eukaryotic picoalgae using meta-metabolic networks derived from metagenomics, Y1 
Yigui WangSouthern Connecticut State University DJ Choi Vinit Sharma Vinit SharmaCOMPUTATIONAL STUDIES ON PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES
Rich KnepperXSEDERich Knepper  Cyberinfrastructure Resource Integration
Carlos  MaltzahnUniversity of California, Santa CruzAndrea Zonca Rob QuickData Investigation and Sharing Environment for Big Weather Web, Y2
Sever TipeiUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Paul Rodriguez  Paul RodriguezDISSCO, a Digital Instrument for Sound Synthesis and Composition, Y3
Richard P. Signell US Geological Survey Andrea Zonca Andrea ZoncaExploring the full simulation modeling workflow on XSEDE, Y2 
Michael SimeoneArizona State University  Rob QuickFake News Shelf life:Content, Reach, and Ephemerality of Hyperpartisan News, Y1
NAXSEDENot Applicable  Fellows Designed Project
Alison Lesley Marsden Stanford University Eroma AbeysingheMarcus ChristieEroma AbeysingheGateway for SimVascular Educational Users 
Justin Edward StopaUniversity of Hawaii, Manoa   David BockGeophysical information from high resolution satellite synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery, Y1
Eric ShookUniversity of Minnesota  Rob QuickGISandbox: A Science Gateway for Geospatial Computing
Tendai Mutangadura University of Missouri, Columbia  Philip Blood  Philip BloodIdentification of canine disease-causing mutations from non-coding, mapped and unmapped regions of whole genome sequences of healthy and disease-carrying dogs, Y2
Brian A. Primack University of Pittsburgh Mitch HortonJoel WellingJoel WellingLeveraging Twitter as an Epidemiologic Tool to Understand Health Behaviors, Y1 
Debra Fern Laefer New York University Jennifer Bakal#N/AJennifer BakalMultiple Geospatial Data Integration In A Distributed Environment, Y1 
Timour Radko Naval Postgraduate School Dmitry Pekurovsky#N/ADmitry PekurovskyNumerical Modeling of Double-Diffusive Convection,Y2 
David TarbotonUtah State University Anand Padmanabhan#N/ARob QuickPowering the HydroShare Science Gateway
Taeyoon Kim Purdue University Od Odbadrakh Od OdbadrakhRoles of Actomyosin Contractility in Force Generation and Cell Shape Changes, Y2 
Robert EdwardsSan Diego State UniversityEroma Abeysinghe Mats RyngeRob QuickSearching the SRA
Michael PritchardUniversity of California, Irvine  Lonnie D. CrosbySimulating global climate with turbulence-permitting cloud superparameterization to train machine learning emulators and advance understanding of aerosol-cloud feedbacks
Patrick C. Fragile College of Charleston Si Liu Si LiuTesting the Role of Strong Magnetic Fields in Stabilizing Radiation-Pressure-Dominated Black Hole Accretion Disks, Y2 
Eric Lease MorganUniversity of Notre DameEroma AbeysingheEric CoulterRob QuickThe Distant Reader, Y1
James TaylorJohns Hopkins University  Rob QuickThe Galaxy XSEDE Gateway
Pascale GaraudUniversity of California, Santa Cruz Ian Wang  Ian WangTitle:  Quantifying transport by shearing instabilities in stellar interiors: differential rotation
Mao Ye University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  David O'Neal  David O'NealUnderstanding Traders at Nano-second Time Scale, Y4 
Donald Nathan Krieger University of Pittsburgh    Leslie MorsekVERY HIGH RESOLUTION FUNCTIONAL BRAIN MAPPING, Y1 
Kate CahillXSEDEKate Cahill  Workforce Development: Education
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