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  • Toolkits for deployment
    • OpenHPC
    •  OpenStack (hoping for a PIF update soon)
    •   List of BioSoftware
  • Outreach opportunities
    • PEARC 
      • paper->poster, panel submission, other people's posters (Chet & Nitin)
      • Craig workshop on microsoft and additional projects
    • resend papers rejected from PEARC to other conferences
    • Other venues: UCC Dec 2019, I2 Tech Ex, possibly FGCS
  • SP Forum
  • Champions Fellow - estimation of needed resources based on applications - Mohammed will work on a google doc for folks to comment on



  • Mohammed Tanash
  • Resa Reynolds
  • Lucille Jarzynka
  • Steve Bird
  • Jodie Sprouse
  •  Craig Stewart
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