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  • Purpose of the meeting is to brainstorm ideas for studies, not make decisions. 
  • Training - since we started logging training attendance in the database, can we see their full lifecycle? Would also be nice to look at HPC monthly workshop series impact. 
    • Look at institutional impact for monthly workshop series.
    • We have registrants and participants marked for all training since the start of XSEDE2.0 in the database
    • Kelly would like to know what the path is for trainees through XSEDE. 
  • Students - is it possible to track the students and what does their path look like? where did they go - industry, academia, back into XSEDE as a PI? 
    • Populations - any of the students that we have in a program EMPOWER, IHPCSS, ACSC, student champions, 
    • John wants to check what the time constraints on studies should be from NSF's perspective. 
    • Graduate students on XSEDE accounts, what do they go on to do. Include undergraduates and postdocs. 
    • NSF Graduate fellows can get startup allocations as PIs. 
  • ECSS - do people come in with funding or without and does that funding profile change and publication list change after receiving ECSS support
    • Do we know how students in one group moves to another and introduces in HPC? Social network analysis
    • Sometimes ECSS staff will connect research groups that didn't know about each other who go on to collaborate together. 
  • BP - with aforementioned studies, would be good to disaggregate by MSIs, underrepresented groups, etc. 
    • Themes - Are they really in the ecosystem? Are they included? 
    • Persistent campuses - UPRM, Morgan State, UTEP, Cal State LA, Navajo Technical.
  • XCI - Follow what happens on campuses after XCI installs a cluster stack. Campuses - Bentley University and Southern Illinois University (might have an institutional story - talk to VCR). 
  • Program Office - to what extent has the "Discover More" been effective? How has this changed awareness and perceptions? Longitudinally it would be interesting to look back and compare to previous strategies and campaigns.
  • Campus Champion Fellows - over time how has the program impacted their career. 
  • Strategic Plan, metics, KPIs - institutional change. Rudy and Barry would be a good informant. 
  • Champions - consider including them in the study.