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The XSEDE Publications Initiative is an ongoing effort to document and share XSEDE work experiences, innovative activities, lessons learned, and best practices, as well as to showcase how XSEDE staff are involved in novel activities. Future planning will take into account this initiative, and Yearly program plans for each L2 area should include time for staff to produce traditional publications and/or Technical Report Series (TRS) publications. The XSEDE Publications Initiative was approved by the Senior Management Team on October 2, 2017 and can be found in IDEALS:

Traditional publications examples include, but are not limited to: peer-reviewed publications, magazine publications, or professional journal publications, with peer-reviewed publications preferred. Staff are From the beginning of the project, staff have been encouraged to write papers to document and share XSEDE work experiences, innovative activities, lessons learned, and best practices. Emphasis will be is equally placed on publications that lead to publications only as well as XSEDE Publication Initiative publications those that also have presentations associated with them such as PEARC, SC, and other conferences. These can be uploaded to your XSEDE User Portal account with the notation that it is an XSEDE Staff Publication. See below for instructions

Special note about posters presented at conferences: These would are generally be considered a traditional publication. Most conferences provide an archive of posters presented in a digital library, and in those cases staff should simply create a staff publication entry in their User Profile with a link to the conference's digital archive. If you present a poster at a conference that does not offer a digital archive option, send the digital file of your poster to Leslie Froeschl so it can be uploaded into the XSEDE Digital Object Repository (IDEALS) and assigned a persistent ID. You can then include that ID with your staff publication entry in your User Profile. 

Technical Report Series publications examples include, but are not limited to: policies, documentation, user guides, operating guides, reports, technical reports, and white papers relevant to the mission of XSEDE that might not otherwise be published in peer-reviewed publications or put in XSEDE project documents. Publication topics relevant to each XSEDE Level 2 (L2) and Level 3 (L3) area can be especially explored including processes, lessons learned, case studies, collaborations, integrations, and potential new areas of opportunities. All XSEDE staff, campus champions, SPs, and others connected to XSEDE are encouraged to document significant accomplishments, results, and/or activities through the XSEDE TRS, and any XSEDE staff publications can be targeted for the TRS. In furthering the mission of XSEDE to enhance the productivity of researchers and to coordinate and add significant value to the cyberinfrastructure, the TRS will enhance XSEDE’s ability to capture and share our knowledge of operating, supporting, advancing, and sustaining all aspects of the national cyberinfrastructure. More information and instructions for publishing a document as part of the XSEDE Technical Report Series can be found here. The Word template mentioned in the instructions can be downloaded here

 A JIRA project has been set up to help track planned and in-progress staff publications and Technical Report Series publications.  This will also help us easily move a TRS publication through the review, copyedit, and posting phases. Enter your planned or in-progress publications into the form below. NOTE: if you have already published an article or conference paper, you do not need to add it to this Jira workflow. You should log into your XSEDE User Portal account, click on Publications under MY XSEDE, and click to Add a Publication. You have the option to upload your publication via the DOI or manually enter it. Regardless of the method you choose, please be sure you mark XSEDE Staff Publication under Related XSEDE Projects so it gets counted as a staff publication. Publications such as journal articles and conference papers being planned by staff that have not yet been published should be added to the form below as a Traditional Publication. White papers and other technical reports planned or in-progress should be added to the form below as a Technical Report Series Publication.  

  • Type of Publication: Use the above definitions to determine whether your publication will be a "Traditional Publication" or "Technical Report Series" publication.
  • Title of Publication: The title can be changed later, so enter a general idea/working title if you aren't sure of the final title yet.
  • Primary Author: If there will be multiple authors, enter one person as the point of contact in the Primary Author field.
  • Description of publication: Enter a brief description or concept of what you will be publishing.
  • WBS: If you are affiliated with more than one XSEDE WBS area, choose the one that you are most closely connected to.
  • Project Manager: Enter the name of the Project Manager for your WBS area (CEE: Leslie Morsek; ECSS: Marques Bland; XCI: Lucille Jarzynka; Ops: Scott Wells; RAS: Sonia Nayak; Program Office: Leslie Froeschl). 
  • L3 or designee reviewer of draft: If this is a Technical Report Series publication, enter the name of the L3 Manager or designee who you would like to get feedback from when you reach that stage of the writing process (optional). 
  • Attachment(s): If you already have a draft that you would like to attach, you can do so here (optional). You can also add an attachment into the JIRA instance at a later time.