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  • Review activities

Discussion items

5 minWelcomeSergiu Sanielevici 
10 minECSS/XSEDE updatePhilip Blood Sergiu Sanielevici Lars Koesterke
  • Thanks for the reports!
  • Will have an ecss-all meeting in March
  • Thinking what training to fund
  • Planning for next project year (9/1/19 to 8/31/20) requires a review of what each of us does (next agenda item)
  • Our reviews for the March XRAC are due by Friday March 22
40 minReview NIP members' current and planned rolesAll

From every member: how do you see your role in NIP (current, evolving)?

Alan: POC for HASS, generate projects, help people navigate the complexities of XSEDE. Also gives advice for visualzation projects etc. Illinois and Shodor liaison.

Lars: hopes to hire new person, bring on board.TACC/UT liaison.

Sudhakar: gateways, data aspects of chemistry and materials. Bioiniformatics. IU liaison.

Amit: Data and visualization. Generate projects, help them navigate XSEDE. Gateways. Teaching. Research data management.

Marcela: Advise preparation and remediation of proposal. AI in biophysics. Teaching.

Paul: Data analytics, help users to innovate. Worked a lot with humanities. Keep up with technologies that are helpful in what he's doing. Data analytics modules for SDSC summer school could be expanded or recorded.

Bryon: Big data projects and workshops. Hadoop ecosystem. Improve statistics skills, Python, R etc.


5 minWrap-upSergiu SanieleviciNext meeting: Feb. 25