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  • Important Dates:
    • IPR7 due: 11/19
    • SC: 11/11-11/16
  • General Announcements - Kelly
  • WBS area introductions
  • Workforce Development – Jennifer
    • Jennifer gave a panel talk at NASA with a focus on training; in communications with UCSB to get some outreach and training set up for their faculty; Kate and Aaron discussing with the University of Tulsa about holding workshop for faculty on parallel computing curriculum development; fall EMPOWER students still working on projects and will submit two more progress reports for this semester (a student created an XSEDE and Bridges user guide and gave a presentation); recruiting for Spring 2019 and an announcement and video were released – it featured two students who participated this summer (distributed to all XSEDE and campus championship lists); deadline is 11/23 for applicants for Spring 2019, and notifications will be made in December.
      • Training – Susan
        • Have Currently in development – workflow Workflow Roadmap is out for review; next Machine Learning Roadmap is in development. Next monthly will be on big data on 12/4-5 and a webinar .  Next webinar on allocations will be in early December/January; course Course catalog pages are page is being reorganized; a lot Many topics in development for online training are in development (ex. C++ course, Data Science for Python, Conducting Effective Training Webinars); 4th Monthly workshop topic will be edited and moved to YouTube next; data science in python is in development; Group will participate in SC18 education workshop on Mondayand several BoFs.
      • Student Programs – Rosie
        • New partnership with NASA and training for about 70 students Cal State – LA (python training); training will be in the Spring; exhibiting and tapping into network of campus champions to help support broadening participation activity; Computing for Change engaging about 20 students selected from an applicant pool – participated in a few webinars to help prep for competition at SC18 – students will present final projects to judges.
      • Education – Jennifer/Kate 
  • User Engagement - Bryan
  • Broadening Participation - Linda
  • UII - Maytal
    • Resource selector – made a lot of progress and added integration for the software for all resources; improving account creation and including ID into profile.
  • Campus Engagement - Henry and Dana
    • Yesterday the proposal was identified; over 60 participants for proposal writing call; probably close to 60 for paper writing call; climate survey was very good – positive feedback from women underrepresented and others from other underrepresented groups are quite positive – likely to have Lorna publish a paper on this positive feedback (it also helps when we write proposals to have something to point to).
  • General Discussion
    • Getting a lot of requests to be student champions.