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Tuesday, August 28th

Plenary and parallel A sessions will be held in Salon D

Parallel B sessions will be held in Salon C

Remote Coordinates provided via email 



Time (CDT)DurationTopic (presentation link)



Breakfast7:00 AM60 minsIn Atrium Grove  
Plenary D8:00 AM30 minsXDMoD UpdateLead: Tom F


XDMoD Update

Parallel 1A8:30 AM60 minsKPIs for Effective & Productive Virtual Organization sub-goalLead: Lizanne D
Attendees: John T, L2s, SP&E, Laura H
Lorna R
Parallel 1B <open>  
Parallel 2A9:30 AM60 minsDraft Transition PlanLead: John T
Attendees: L2s & L3s
Laura H
Parallel 2B <open>  
Break10:30 AM15 mins   
Parallel 3A10:45 AM60 minsStaff Evaluation Team Results and RecommendationsLead: Ron P
Attendees: SMT members, Dana B, Lorna R, Julie W, Rich K, Karla G
Parallel 3B <open>  
Lunch11:45 PM45 minsIn Atrium Grove  
Parallel 4A12:30 PM60 minsRDR Future Work DiscussionLead: Dave H / JP N
Attendees: Shava S, Ester S, Victor H, Shawn S
Sonia N
Parallel 4B60 minsComputing4Change Curriculum DevelopmentLead: Kelly G
Attendees: Kate C, Rosie G, Marques B, Jennifer H, Aaron W, Susan M
Linda A
Parallel 5A1:30 PM60 minsSPF TopicsLead: John T / Shawn S
Attendees: Dave H, Greg P, Victor H, Dana B
Parallel 5B60 minsECSS Adaptive ReviewsLead: Bob S
Attendees: Phil B, ECSS L3s; Ken H
Karla G / Marques B
Break2:30 PM15 mins   
Parallel 6A2:45 PM60 minsXSEDE Developer Coordination CouncilLead: Ester S
Attendees: Dave H, JP N, Maytal D, Gary R, Shava S.
Sonia N
Parallel 6B30 minsTraining update: Roadmaps, YouTubeLead: Susan M
Attendees: All interested
Kate C
Parallel 7A
3:45 PM
60 mins"Users Citing XSEDE" KPI followup/resolutionLead: Lizanne
Attendees: John T, Ron P, Laura H, Dave H, Ester S
Lorna R & Julie W
Parallel 7B60 minsCommunity Building in ECSSLead: Bob S / Phil B
Attendees: ECSS L3s & PMs, Dana B, Henry N, Marisa B, Jeff P
Karla G / Marques B
Parallel 8A
4:45 PM
30 mins<open>


Parallel 8B30 minsECSS PI SurveysLead: Bob S / Phil B
Attendees: ECSS L3s, PMs, Eval Team
Karla G / Marques B
Close5:15 PM Tuesday Close