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Include Publications - from blog posting to print

IPR18: Aug 1 2021 - Oct 31 2021

Aug 2021: CVW topic How to Make the Most of MIC  -  Topic removed, no longer relevant to XSEDE systems

Sept 2021: CVW topic Terraform on Jetstream - New topic added

IPR17: May 1 2021 - July 31 2021


    • Paper: Integrity Protection for Research Artifacts using Open Science Chain's Command Line Utility – Shantharam, Lin, Sakai, Sivagnanam
    • Paper: Tools and Guidelines for Job Bundling on Modern Supercomputers - Liu, Eijkhout (presenting), Cazes
    • WORKSHOP: Fourth Workshop on Strategies for Enhancing HPC Education and Training (SEHET21) - Sukhija, Lathrop, Mullen, Cahill, Mehringer and Brunson
    • BoF: Towards Inclusive Terminology in Advanced Research Computing - Akli, Alameda, Cahill, Deems, Holly, Hutson, Lindsey, Mehringer, Nigra, Sanielevici, Panoff and Whitten

    • Workshop: Advanced Features of MPI-3 and MPI-4 – Eijkhout, Ruhela

Badges Awarded - May 2021 - Jul 2021
Data Visualization Beginner Badge2
Performance Tools Beginner1
XSEDE Data Science with Python Beginner Badge1
XSEDE HPC Big Data Beginner Badge3
XSEDE HPC OpenMP Beginner Badge3
XSEDE OpenACC - Beginner1
Total Badges Awarded11

IPR16: Feb 1 2021 - Apr 30 2021


March 2021: CI-Tutor course Introduction to Performance Tools updated and Performance Tools Beginner badge added

Badges Awarded - Feb 2021 - Apr 2021
Data Visualization Beginner Badge3
Lustre I/O Beginner2
Matlab for HPC Beginner Badge1
Performance Tools Beginner1
XSEDE Data Science with Python Beginner Badge2
XSEDE HPC Big Data Intermediate Badge1
XSEDE HPC OpenMP Beginner Badge1
XSEDE MPI Beginner Badge1
XSEDE OpenACC - Advanced1
XSEDE OpenACC - Beginner 4
XSEDE OpenACC - Intermediate1
XSEDE User Portal Guru4
Total Badges Awarded22

IPR15: Nov 1 2020 - Jan 31 2021


January 2021: Roadmap on "Getting Started as a Campus Champion" published

Badges Awarded - Nov 2020 - Jan 2021
XSEDE HPC Big Data Beginner Badge2
XSEDE HPC OpenMP Beginner Badge6
XSEDE MPI Intermediate Badge1
XSEDE OpenACC - Beginner1
XSEDE User Portal Guru1
Total Badges Awarded11

January 2021: The port of the CI-Tutor courses to the Moodle site used to host XSEDE badges was completed. The ported courses were reviewed and updated as needed. Five of the CI-Tutor courses were not ported because they were considered too out-of-date. They are undergoing review to determine if updates are worthwhile. 


October 2020: Roadmap on "Science Gateways: How-tos" published

Badges Awarded - Aug-Oct 2020
XSEDE OpenMP Beginner1
XSEDE MPI Beginner2
XSEDE HPC Big Data Beginner18
Lustre I/O2
User Portal Guru2

Total of 25 badges awarded. 


July 2020: PEARC Activity:

Victor EijkhoutTutorial: An Introduction to Advanced Features in MPI, (Lead presenter)
Victor EijkhoutPaper: Implementing a Prototype System for 3D Reconstruction of Compressible Flow, (Co-presenter)
Tom MaidenTutorial: Democratizing/Demystifying AdvancedCyberinfrastructure for Deep Learning, (Co-presenter)
John UrbanicTutorial: Democratizing/Demystifying AdvancedCyberinfrastructure for Deep Learning, (Co-presenter)
Susan MehringerWorkshop: Strategies for Enhancing HPC Education and Training, (On organizing team, running one of the workshop Panels)
Susan MehringerPaper: Using Containers to Create More Interactive Online Training and Education Materials, (Co-presenter)
Susan MehringerBoF: User Training and Engagement in Scientific Computing, (Panelist)
Susan MehringerWorkshop: What Does it Mean to be a Campus Champion?, (Presenting "XSEDE Training")

July 2020: Roadmap on "How to run a containerized application" out for CEE review

July 2020: Roadmap on "How can I run an MPI-based parallel program?" published

New Badges this quarter:

XSEDE Data Science with Python Beginner
Lustre I/O Beginner
Matlab for HPC Beginner

July 2020: Using the Lustre File System course moved from CI-Tutor to the Moodle site ( Content was updated and a "Lustre I/O Beginner" badge offered.


Jan 2020: CVW topic “Python for Data Science - Part 1: Data Processing and Visualization” new topic out for review

Badges Awarded Feb 2020 - Apr 2020
XSEDE HPC Big Data Beginner Badge36*
XSEDE MPI Beginner Badge1
XSEDE OpenACC - Beginner 2
XSEDE User Portal Guru2
* 28 badges earned in previous quarters were awarded late in this quarter due to an error in the badge criteria which has been corrected.

IPR11: Nov 1 2019 - Jan 31 2020
Jan 2020: Roadmap on "How can I analyze my code?" published
Jan 2020: Added link to the XSEDE OpenACC Workshop YouTube playlist on the XSEDE badges site for the workshop.


Nov 2019: CVW topic "Linux"  topic updated

Badges Awarded Nov 2019 - Jan 2020
XSEDE OpenMP Beginner2
XSEDE MPI Beginner1
XSEDE HPC Big Data Beginner2
XSEDE HPC Big Data Intermediate1
Data Visualization Beginner1

IPR10: Aug 1 2019 - Oct 31 2019