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Some partner organizations within the XSEDE Federation fall within the Service Provider designation. Multiple types of Service Providers are defined in the XD Service Providers Forum: Charter, Membership, and Governance document available on the XSEDE Project Documents page in order to encourage participation in the Federation and to balance the need for clear expectations of service levels with the desire to be flexible. The overarching goal of the XF with respect to service providers is to encourage service providers to bring new and innovative services to XSEDE while not being overly burdensome with respect to process and requirements. Clearly defined service levels and an operational framework for partnering relationships encourage broader participation, expand the services available to the community, and form the underpinnings of a pervasive national cyberinfrastructure ecosystem.

Agendas & Minutes

Next meeting:


May 3, 2018

  1. John Towns - XSEDE newsSPF administration
  2. Welcome the new SP Forum Vice Chair, Jonathon Anderson, CU Boulder
  3. Debrief on L2/L3 past/present Chair discussion
  4. Program Year 8 Plan Review by SP Forum: Reminder 
    1. Participation:

  5. XRAC Reviewers Guide Draft
    1. Discussion with Dave Hart
      1. By April 5 (~2 weeks),
      2. "how well (the reviewers guide) accurately reflects current policies, procedures and practices."
    2. ongoing discussion topic of review practices
    3. Provide feedback to Shawn before our next meeting on April 5
  6. Project Improvement Fund (PIF) Review due March 29
    1. PY8-01: ER Market Analysis -
    2. PY8-02: Update Applications of Parallel Computing online course -
    3. PY8-03: ORCID Membership Fee -
  7. SP Coordination update - Victor
  8. Blue Waters webinar
    1. Dan to handle
    2. Schedule?
    UREP PrioritizationDraft response - please comment by Monday, 4/9/'18
  9. IU Knowledge Base discussion - final call for comments; please submit by next meeting
  10. SP Forum web presence - ongoing
  11. Upcoming events
  12. XSEDE Advisory Board (XAB) Meeting
    1. April 17-18 / Chicago
    2. XAB 2018 April Face-to-Face Meeting 
  13. First workshop on Machine Learning for Computing Systems (MLCS)
    2. Call for Participation open; papers due April 9
    3. Co­located with ACM HPDC 2018
    4. June 12, 2018 in Tempe, AZ
  14. take-aways - Dan
  15. Informational
    1. Cleanup of SP Forum e-mail list
    2. L3 Member application in review
  16. Upcoming events
    1. PEARC18
      2. Pittsburgh, July 22-26, 2018
    2. Gateways call for participation extended to May 16:

Participation Coordinates: