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Situation: Severe weather (snow, hurricane, etc.) causes widespread disruption of XRAC member travel, and a large number of members are unable to attend in person. (Assume for this scenario that XSEDE staff are on site; otherwise, refer to Scenario 2.)

 Random thoughts

  • can we adjust catering at the last minute and save some money?
  • need three Zoom meetings/coordinates ready to be distributed – how will on-site and off-site people engage?

Scenario 2: XSEDE allocations staff unable to reach meeting site

Situation: Travel plans for XSEDE allocations staff are disrupted (e.g., flight cancellation, weather, and so on), and while most XRAC members arrive, the core allocations staff are not on site.

Random thoughts

  • how do allocations staff listen in and engage?
  • do we need "boots on the ground" in the meetings? deputize other XSEDE staff or SP Reps?

Scenario 3: Network/wi-fi disruption in meeting hotel or city

Situation: Everyone arrives as usual, but hotel or destination city suffers from sustained (many-hour) networking or wi-fi disruption.

Random thoughts

  • meetings rely heavily, if not exclusively on XRAS being available, as well as Google Sheets.

Scenario 4: Equipment malfunction

Situation: Ken's laptop or one of the laptops of the allocations team is damaged, lost, or stolen en route or at the destination.

Random thoughts:

  • all traveling staff should have a copy of meeting materials and/or a USB drive with them.
  • is it useful to have a spare laptop shipped separately, in advance, to the hotel? Or have one person bring a spare?
  • if any of the other scenarios involve having other equipment sent, should we include a spare laptop?