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  • WBS 2.3.2 RACD Meetings May 19, 2022 - Activity Updates

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Transition Activities

Present-May 27, 2022

Each XSEDE L2 area engage in conversations with pertinent ACCESS teams from across all tracks to determine what XSEDE resources/services are desired for transition 

May 31-June 10

L2 teams write their section of the detailed transition plan following the preliminary transition plan. Indicate when your section is complete here:

June 13

John/Tim review plans from each area and provide feedback.  

June 14

Responses to questions/comments & each L2 area makes changes based on John/Tim’s feedback

June 15

John/Tim do final review to resolve any issues & ER copyedit of document

June 16

Format final doc in Word--hand off to John for final review.

June 17

Detailed Transition Plan Due to NSF 

Figuring out what happens to each component:


Jim Basney

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