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  • Continue discussions from the May 4 meeting. Status updates.

Discussion items

5 minutesWelcomeSergiu Sanielevici 
 10 minutes L2 updatesSergiu Sanielevici 
  •  Adaptive reviews for June XRAC are assigned
  • ECSS Symposium on May 17: good stuff.
  • Please remember to enter your publications into the XUP.
10 minutesActivity updatesAll

30 minutesTransition to ACCESSAll (continuing discussion from 5/4)

From 5/4: 

  • Is there a follow-on to EMPOWER?

Kevin and Sergiu attended a Champions call on 5/10, where Julie Ma gave an introduction to MATCH the ACCESS program for user support. She implied that EMPOWER should be a key partner/model for their "Tier 3: Match=PLUS". They envisage a mentor+student intern model like in EMPOWER, but with much less funding than XSEDE provided. They'll discuss this with Aaron if they haven't already. Alan B Craig check with Aaron if Julie has talked to him.

  • RFP from NSF for cybertraining.  Due May 16.  Supposed to connect with ACCESS.

The MATCH FAQ says: Please contact Julie Ma to discuss responses to the NSF22-574 “Training-based Workforce Development for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (CyberTraining)” solicitation. I hope Paul has already done so (smile)

  • Does NaIP have anything specific for transition to ACCESS?  We need to generally talk about transition.  Exchange session for tools, ideas, data, documents, etc.?

Bob Sinkovits and Sergiu will coordinate with the ACCESS awardees to see what they may need from ECSS. Will let the NaIP team know if anything is needed.

Bob has already promised Julie Ma that he will ask all current ECSS team members to talk to their institutions/supervisors about the possibility of signing up for the CSSN expert pool for MATCH Tier 4 (MATCH-Premier). Stay tuned for a message about that, to ecss-all.

  • What is happening with XRAS?

The XRAS software will continue to power RAMPS, the ACCESS allocations ecosystem. It will be enhanced and provided with suitable tools to enable the novel and much simplified (for the researchers) policies and opportunities. We expect there will be public presentations soon. RAMPS will take over allocations on 9/1/22.

  • Evaluation of ACCESS? The Coordination Office award may include some funding for this - we'll find out.

Further discussions:

2 minutesWrap-upSergiu Sanielevici Next meeting: 6/13. Happy Memorial Day!

Action items