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  • January 13, 2022 - Grafana discussion

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  1. Would be good to label/document which metrics track person access versus automated software-to-software access
  2. Knowing the unique number of users per summary period would be very useful
  3. CILogon has types of usage that it would be helpful to distinguish
  4. For components that consume resources, total resources used over a summary period would be useful
    1. In the case of Globus we want amount of data transferred
  5. Information about user turnover per period would be useful
    1. How many users a repeat users versus returning users during each period
  6. If select a range of time period on the 2nd panel, will the total be affected by itthe selected range? ( Question )    
    1. AAnswer: No, the total is values are still calculated with based on the entire time period.  This is The list with total is a feature from the Grafana feature and but is doesn't support re-calculation by the selected time-range.