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  • 20220307- XSEDE Finance Update (Status of Project/subaward finances, current risks for spend down of award.)

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Explore interest in CISE & others having a shorter version of the final report with impacts etc. in a glossy print format.




Submit IPR18 in August 2022 with data through July 2022. 

Final report approachFinal project report submitted in early September would have table data through August but no analysis of the data. This would allow NSF data to have complete data for the project. This report to include impacts/analysis. 
Production of shorter "glossy" version of final report might be considered

Action Items:

Review previous final report guidance receivedserver
Due Date

John Towns to look at what we received in guidance the last couple times from program officers. 

Develop outline of what final report will include exactly


John will take the first stab at developing an outline. This will be shared so everyone can provide input/feedback. Final outline to be ready by December Quarterly.



Notes/ Discussion items:


  • Ability to recommend what should be included in final report. 


  • 1 longitudinal study done now. 
  • Want to run many as long as possible.
  • Could provide lessons learned/synopsis along the way and focus on publications after that. 


  • Do this in steps as we go and top it off at the end. Wise to do it while we have people's attention as much as possible.


  • Won't do anything until we have approval from Bob. 



  • Metrics appendix
  • Highlight longitudinal studies, ROI, advances/improvements in some metrics over time. 
    • Climate study data clearly shows 3-5 years on the project is the "sweet spot"–could be something important to share. 
    • Lessons learned  
    • Opp for CEE to use data to report importance of investing in BP rather than piece-meal. A way to use data to deliver a message. 
    • Chance for us to tell our story in a way that we can't do with just metrics data. 
    • Highlighting some of the more exceptional work & how that has impacted the community. 
    • Final report could be about bringing people together in an org; intended/unintended consequences of doing that. All the students that have come through our programs who are now going out into the community as professionals. 
      • Go back and talk to students/staff/those associated with major sciences successes–here is how that impacted my career... Longitudinal studies will do some of this. 
      • Trust relationships–trust developed over time with staff/researchers, staff/students


  • John to look at what we received in guidance the last couple times from program officers. 
  • Need elements of lessons learned, best practices, not great practices, impact we've had. 
  • John to take first cut at this. Over next month, everyone provide input to John to refine. 
  • Goal to finalize by December QM