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  • Daniel Adams, University of Mount Union:
    • "I wrote a scientific report as well as created a poster highlighting the main topics of my project that will be presented at the University of Mount Union during the fall semester in front of the Eastern Great Lakes Section of the American Physical Society." (written August 2021)
  • Nicole Avila, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona:
    • "I have truly grown as a scientist and am so proud of my progress due to the XSEDE EMPOWER program. I have been working on creating and editing my poster for the SACNAS conference and SCURR conference I will present at." (written September 2021)
  • Spencer Brady and Kristopher Erlitz, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona:
    • Monaco, S., Baer, R.P., Giernacky, R.P., Villalba, M.E., Garcia, T.M., Mora-Perez, C., Brady, S.E., Erlitz, K.D., Kunkel, C., Jezowski, S.R., Oberhofer, H., Lange, C., & Schatschneider, B. (2021, September). Electronic property trends of single-component organic molecular crystals containing C, N, O, and H. Computational Materials Science, 197.
  • Colin Campbell (EMPOWER mentor), University of Mount Union:
    • "The program allowed me to mentor an undergraduate student for a formative summer research experience. These kinds of experiences are fantastic for students looking to immerse themselves in a field of research and gain marketable skills. I am grateful that the EMPOWER program was able to fund my student and I hope the program will be able to support other students in the future. My student will be presenting his work during the Eastern Great Lakes Section of the American Physical Society (APS) this November." (written October 2021)
  • Dirk Colbry (EMPOWER mentor), Michigan State University:
    • "The EMPOWER students are outstanding additions to our team.  Our research has advanced greatly due to the program.  Their work has significantly progressed the development of our SEE-Insight software and has resulted in at least one publication and authoring of multiple scientific software packages. My work is in the preliminary stages and working with the EMPOWER students has resulted in me being able to write one grant proposal and have two additional proposals to be submitted.  This could not have been done without the help of my undergraduate students." (written October 2021)
    Precious Fadimiroye
  • Damien Cooper, University of Houston-Clear Lake:
    • "We worked to prepare a presentation for the Robotics for Risky Intervention and Environmental Surveillance Conference in October." (written October 2021)
    Nicholas Grabill, Michigan State University, and Kai Pinckard, Reed College:
    Pinckard, K., Grabill, N.J., & Colbry D. (2021, September 21). Scaling of Evolutionary Search of Algorithm Space to Speed-Up Scientific Image Understanding Workflows. Poster presented at 2021  University of Southern Mississippi:
    • Will be presenting a poster at the November 2022 Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Birmingham, AL.
  • Matthew Donahue (EMPOWER mentor), University of Southern Mississippi:
    • "EMPOWER really has given me the opportunity to have a student focus on using computational methods for my synthetic organic work. Through regular discussions with my student, I as a PI have learned more about using computational chemistry as an asset to facilitate traditional wet bench research" (written October 2021)
  • Precious Fadimiroye, University of Houston-Clear Lake:
    • "We worked to prepare a presentation for the Robotics for Risky Intervention and Environmental Surveillance Conference in October." (written October 2021)
  • Nicholas Grabill, Michigan State University, and Kai Pinckard, Reed College:
    • Pinckard, K., Grabill, N.J., & Colbry D. (2021, September 21). Scaling of Evolutionary Search of Algorithm Space to Speed-Up Scientific Image Understanding Workflows. Poster presented at 2021 IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Virtual Conference — HPEC.

  • Stephen Harnish (EMPOWER mentor), Bluffton University:
    • "My experiences mentoring EMPOWER students in HPC research this past and recent years have led to several benefits: enlarging my lists of applications of concepts of mathematics or computer science for class room use; participation in the 2019 Sustainable Horizons Institute Sustainable Research Pathways program; participation in UC Berkeley's Applications of Parallel Computers offering for Bluffton students; several new lines of research for me and my students; strengthening my students' motivation for and success in pursuing graduate studies in data science, computer science, applied mathematics or physics; and multiple presentations of EMPOWER-supported research at the Joint Mathematics Meetings and at the Miami University and at Midwest Relativity Meetings. Thank you for offering XSEDE EMPOWER over recent years. It has really opened up new opportunities for my students and myself." (written October 2021)
  • Hannah Johnson, Lane College:
    • "Our work has been prepared for submission to a conference in high-performance computing." (written August 2021)
  • Umair Khan, Portland State University:
    • Tong, J.J., Khan, U., Haddad, B.G., Minogue, P.J., Beyer, E.C., Berthoud, V.M., Reichow S.L., & Ebihara, L. (2021, August 19). Molecular mechanisms underlying enhanced hemichannel function of a cataract-associated Cx50 mutant. Manuscript submitted for publication.
  • Jonathan Lyon (EMPOWER mentor), Murray State University:
    • "The EMPOWER program has helped me professionally in several ways. First, it has helped me recruit talented undergraduate students into my research lab. Second, it has helped bring funding to support the science majors in my department, allowing them the financial security to spend a large amount of time learning and performing the research project rather than pursue work from other sources. Third, XSEDE has provided a collection of training resources to aid me in mentoring these students. EMPOWER has helped me considerably as I transitioned to a new institution.  The EMPOWER program aided a former student at Kennesaw State University continue her research project with me remotely while I moved to Murray State University in the Fall 2020.  The program has made it easier to recruit, train, and mentor talented students at Murray State University while transitioning my research laboratory at a primarily undergraduate institution." (written October 2021)
  • Emily Maroni, University of Mount Union:
    • "We are working to submit an abstract to the ACS spring conference in San Diego." (written October 2021)
  • Phan Phu, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona:
    • "EMPOWER provided me an opportunity to learn computational chemistry and new skills that were not offered through coursework at my school. It allowed me to conduct chemistry research and gained research experiences that were valuable prior to my application to graduate school. With the findings I gained during this internship, I received the ACS COMP award and presented my research at the 255th American Chemistry Society National Meeting in 2018. At the meeting, I attended graduate school workshops and learned about the opportunities in chemistry. This really inspired me to attend graduate school where I am currently a third year graduate school at University of California, Irvine." (written October 2021)
  • Steve Reichow (EMPOWER mentor), Portland State University:
    • "This has been a rewarding experience that provided excellent structure to undergraduate mentorship and research training. The provided research experience was a critical component to defining the students career trajectory, and is now applying their skills at a graduate program at UCSF."
  • Ciara Richardson and Madison Winkeler, Murray State University:
    • Winkeler, M., Richardson, C., Carlin, R., & Lyon, J.T. (2021). Structural evolution of SinPd2 (n = 1-17) clusters. Manuscript in preparation.
  • Bohdan Schatschneider (EMPOWER mentor), California State Polytechnic University-Pomona:
    • "EMPOWER has enabled me to employ 10 undergraduate researchers (UGRs) over the last 4-5 years. The large majority (8) of these researchers were from underrepresented minorities (URMs) in the sciences. The ability to put these UGRs to work and have them generate useful data has allowed me to generate 3 publications over the last 4-5 years that would not have been completed otherwise. It has also allowed for these URMs to complete senior projects that they would have otherwise opted out of because of a need to work. As a result of performing research, 5 of these URMs are now in graduate programs or are preparing to partake in a graduate program. EMPOWER really does just that, it allows PI's to empower UGRs to explore research opportunities and other lines of employment." (written October 2021)
  • Wenhuan Tan, Bellevue College:
    • "From my previous understanding, I thought research was a tough and boring job but after one and half months of experience working within XSEDE, I found research is an amazing and super interesting job. When I found the trends and changes over the years from a mass of environment-related data, I couldn't be more excited; when I created a map with a few lines of code, I felt that I created an artist work; when I was told that the findings I got may be referenced by a research paper, I couldn't be more proud. This job brought too much amazing experience for me. From the experience working with XSEDE, I am more confident to be a software engineer or a data scientist in the future." (written October 2021)
  • Dave Toth (EMPOWER mentor), Centre College:
    • "At a small liberal arts college, providing an experience like EMPOWER for students is looked upon extremely favorably.  When it comes time for me to apply for promotion to full professor, this is something that will be helpful. Without support from EMPOWER, I couldn't have done the research with my students (there was no funding for them without that)." (written October 2021)
  • Yigui Wang, Southern Connecticut State University:
    • "EMPOWER program provide me an opportunity to work with students to do research not only at SCSU but also across USA. The current public universities, especially primary undergraduate institutions put all resources on full-time teaching faculties. Without EMPOWER program, I will be limited to do research of others and without opportinities to teach students" (written October 2021)
  • Madison Winkeler, Murray State University:
    • "EMPOWER has impacted me professionally by helping me to step out of my comfort zone and pursue participation in a virtual presentation that requires a professional abstract which I have not done previously. It has also impacted me academically by providing a real-life understanding of some topics I have learned throughout the last few years. For my major, coding classes are not something that is required and I am not one to add any more classes than I need. Without EMPOWER I wouldn't have been able to learn my first coding language through EXPANSE. I have also been introduced to other programs such as Inkscape and GaussView which has been a great experience as they are programs I could be using in the future. A labmate and I are currently co-authoring an abstract and presentation of our current research to do at a university-led event entitled Scholar's Week. Specifically, we will be doing a virtual poster presentation about our current research and what we hope to accomplish in the future." (written October 2021)
  • Raquel Yupanqui, University of North Georgia:
    • "Being able to participate in the EMPOWER program has helped me realize my passion for research and the impact research can have on the world. I will be applying to PhD programs to continue exploring my field and hopefully add meaningful knowledge to it. Being able to work with my mentor has taught me a lot about doing research and what it entails. Being able to use the Expanse supercomputer has allowed me to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently which is an important part of my work. I will be presenting my research from EMPOWER at the Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference (GURC) in November." (written October 2021)