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5 minutesWelcome
 20 minutes L2 updates
  •  ECSS requests for additional funding are being refined and the final versions are expected to be voted on by the SMT, soon. In particular, please recall this message Bob Sinkovits sent us last week:

    One of our suggestions to the XSEDE Senior Management Team (SMT) was to allocate up to an additional 0.1 FTE of effort per project to projects involving ECSS recipients who will need a little extra help to become independent before the end of XSEDE. We are especially looking at projects that have received multiple years of ECSS and become heavily reliant on our support. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, send me ( the following information

    (1) Jira issue for the project

    (2) Extra effort requested (up to 0.1 FTE)

    (3) A brief (1-3 sentences) description of why the extra funding would be helpful. These funds could be used to write detailed documentation, deliver training to the PI’s lab, hand off technology or simply put in extra effort to complete an ambitious workplan in less than one year.

    (4) Confirmation that you had spoken with your local supervisor and have the time available to use the extra funding.

    If you have any questions about a particular project, feel free to contact your ECSS L3 manager.

  • Quarterly activity and project reports and NaIP highlight suggestions are due imminently.
  • Expect XRAC review assignments next week.
  • ECSS symposium tomorrow:

    The October Symposium will feature a series of short presentations (≤ 15 minutes) by four of the XSEDE 2020-21 Campus Champion Fellows. Speakers and titles are listed below, with additional details for their projects available on the 2020-21 announcements page.

    • Suxia Cui, Prairie View A&M University, Image analysis for digital surrogates of historical motion picture film
    • Kurt Showmaker, University of Mississippi Medical Center, A Comprehensive Annotator and Web Viewer for scRNA-seq Data
    • Zhiyong Zhang, Stanford University, Optimal Utilization of XSEDE Computing Resources for the NWChem Computational Chemistry Software Package
    • Sinclair Im, Yale University, A density functional theory study: quantum materials
10 minutesActivity updatesAll

15 minutesCommunity concerns about the end of XSEDEAll
  • XSEDE leadership will organize a community meeting, probably in January.
  • The XSEDE advisory board session last week had some discussions on this topic.
  • Kevin: There was a presentation and discussion of the XSEDE terminology task force by the Champions.
  • SC21 contributions?
5 minutesWrap-upSergiu SanieleviciNext meeting: November 1