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Stephen BirdIU/ XSEDE
David CarverTACC

Dhruva ChakravortyTexas A&M
Kevin ColbyPurdue

Trevor  CooperSDSC

Francis DangTexas A&MX
Jeffrey FreyUniversity of Delaware
Vikram GazulaUniversity of KentuckyX
John HuffmanUniversity of Delaware

Mark Huang

Texas A&M

Jason St. JohnPurdueX
David KingNCSAX
JP NavarroU Chicago/ XSEDEX
Lisa PerezTexas A&MX
Tabitha SamuelNICS/XSEDEX
Anita SchwartzUniversity of Delaware
Chuck SchwartzPurdueX
Derek SimmelPSC/XSEDE
Shava SmallenSDSC/XSEDEX
George TurnerIndiana UniversityX
Paul WilliamsUniversity of DelawareX
Dave Wheeler
Eric Blau


  • Announcements
    • NSF XSEDE review updates
  • XCI Updates:
    • XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure priorities and activities for the current year
  • Open discussion


  • NSF XSEDE review updates
    • Favorable review from NSF review panel on XSEDE2.0 work in year 5. Lots of positive remarks regarding XSEDE 2.0's contribution to national CI community.
  • XCI Updates:
    • IPF - Eric Blau presented plans for feature improvements for IPF.
      • New release plan:
      • Improvements are:
        • Improvements to scheduler integration
        • Fixes with regards to GPU utilization
        • IPF publishes info about software on the system through modules/valet: Will include a don't publish flag for sw that should not be advertised
        • Config script more verbose about where it is in the script, and can be run in chunks instead of the whole software in one install
        • Allow for certificates to stay in sync with XSEDE CA tarball
      • Goal is to make IPF easier to use by all XSEDE SPs, including non allocated L2s, as well as L3s. Another community of interest is gateways.
    • XSEDE Dev Coordination XCI Cross-area priorities (Slides available at SP software - presentations and recordings page)
      • Discussion on recently completed and currently in progress XCI activities related to systems software.
        • With regards to OpenOnDemand activity, XCI would like SP volunteers to help with OOD rollout in XSEDE. Delta volunteered. If there's any one else who would like to work with XSEDE on this effort, please let JP and Shava know.
          • Lisa Perez, TAMU: For XSEDE users, central OOD would be invaluable. Big value add for smaller sites/resources.
          • David King, NCSA: Central OOD would free up efforts to get other deployments done
          • Paul Williams, UDel: Currently deploying for other resources other than Darwin, interest in central OOD for Darwin.
          • Francis Dang, TAMU: How complicated would it be to have more local access to a server instead of a remote session?