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  • WBS 2.3.2 MOLSII and XSEDE Software Discussion 2021-09-10 Meeting

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To address these I recommend we schedule a meeting involving the ECSS and XCI teams to dig a little deeper into software performance, integration, and related activities. In that meeting we will be able to identify and spin off more targeted efforts involving different combinations of MolSSI staff and XSEDE’s ECSS and XCI staff.


Item 1

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Item 2


MOLSII team shared various software improvement projects

  • ECSS could provide assistance if needed through the community codes effort

Software deployment opportunities

  • Between SPs who install codes needed by their users, and uses installing what they need, there are no major MOLSII gaps
  • Startup allocations and Community Software Areas might be useful to the SEAMM effort

Action Items

  •  xyzContinue discussion in e-mail and maybe followup in a month