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ConfiForms Form Definition

DateDateChange request datedatetrueSubBySubmitted ByName of request submittertexttrueAddressE-mail AddressE-mail address of request submittertexttrueWBSWBS(s) Affectedfalse[2.1=2.1 CEE|2.1.1=2.1.1 CEE - Director's Office|2.1.2=2.1.2 CEE - Workforce Development|2.1.3=2.1.3 CEE - User Engagement|2.1.4=2.1.4 CEE - Broadening Participation|2.1.5=2.1.5 CEE - UI & OI|2.2=2.2 ECSS|2.2.1=2.2.1 ECSS - Director's Office|2.2.2=2.2.2 ECSS - ESRT|2.2.3=2.2.3 ECSS - NIP|2.2.4=2.2.4 ECSS - ESCC|2.2.5=2.2.5 ECSS - ESSGW|2.3=2.3 XCI|2.3.1=2.3.1 XCI - Director's Office|2.3.2=2.3.2 XCI - RACD|2.3.3=2.3.3 XCI - CRI|2.4=2.4 Operations|2.4.1=2.4.1 Operations - Director's Office|2.4.2=2.4.2 Operations - Cybersecurity|2.4.3=2.4.3 Operations - Data Transfer Services|2.4.4=2.4.4 Operations - XOC|2.4.5=2.4.5 Operations - SysOps|2.5=2.5 RAS|2.5.1=2.5.1 RAS - Director's Office|2.5.2=2.5.2 RAS - AP&P|2.5.3=2.5.3 RAS - A3M|2.6=2.6 Program Office|2.6.1=2.6.1 PO - Project Office|2.6.2=2.6.2 PO - External Relations|2.6.3=2.6.3 PO - PM&R|2.6.4=2.6.4 PO - Business Operations|2.6.5=2.6.5 PO - SPP&E|]Name of WBS group(s) affectedmultitrueChangeTypeType(s) of Changefalse[1=Budget and/or Cost|2=KPI and/or Metric|3=Schedule|4=Scope|5=Staff|6=Technical|7=Other (Explain below)|]Change Type categoriescheckbox_grouptrueChangeExplExplanation of ChangeSummary of the change being requestedtextareatrueChangeImpactImpact of ChangeWhat is the impact of the change being requested?textareatrueRisksRisksWhat are the risks associated with this change request (risks or opportunities)?textareatrueCommentsCommentsAdditional comments about this change requesttextareaOtherDocsOther Documents Affected/Processes TriggeredEnter any project documents or project processes this change will affect (e.g., SOWs, Reports).textareatruePCRDispositionPCR Dispositionfalse[A=Approved|R=Rejected|W=Withdrawn|An=Annulled|]admincheckbox_groupPCRDispAuthPCR Disposition AuthorityadminName of person(s) who disposition the change request.textareaDispDateDisposition DateadminDate the change request is dispositioned.dateattachmentAttachment(s)Upload attachmentfilejirakeyJIRA Keyhidden






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