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Plan to have discussion on the +5% during (3 weeks for working on this, 1 week for Ron to pull together) SMT meeting on October 7. Deadline Sept 29 for L2-L3. Leslie coordinates with the PMs. 

From Ron's email: Here is a summary of the BusOps action items that I took away from the QM spend plan session:

Approved (PCRs needed):

  • PIF PY8-05: OpenStack Toolkit ($100,130 to Indiana/Cornell)
  • PIF PY9-02: Integrate online textbook exercises with CCRS toolkit ($100K to TACC/Cornell)
  • TACC Additional PS: ~$200K (Alignment email to TACC 1-Sept.)

Pending Approval

  • PIF PY8-09: ECSS Training (Bob/Phil to update $; Ron to bring to SMT with updated $)
  • 2022 IHPCSS Staff & instructors (Jay to estimate; Ron to bring to SMT with updated $)

Campus Champions Fellows Forecast (send breakdown to Bob)

  • Only 4 CCF for PY11 forecast underspend in stipend and travel (based on PY7 & PY8 travel)
  • PY10 underspend in travel (forecast underspend)