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  • WBS 2.3.2 CVMFS Content Management Approach 2021-08-24 Meeting

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  • usermod -l cvmfs_colorado -d /home/cvmfs_colorado -m colorado
  • groupmod -n cvmfs_colorado colorado
  • change CVMFS_USER=colorado to CVMFS_USER=cvmfs_colorado in /etc/cvmfs/repositories.d/
  •  Jeff Makey will contact OSG about the cost of multiple top levels and publishing them from a single server, share results with JP and Shava
  •  Jeff Makey will share our proposed "Alternate content management approach" with OSG folks for feedback
  •  Lee LimingJeff MakeyJP NavarroShava Smallen will review and fine tune the use cases
  •  Jeff Makey will implement the alternate content management approach if OSG considers it reasonable
  •  Jeff Makey will confirm and share with this team what is logged when published files are changed
  •  JP Navarro and Shava Smallen to explore with Colorado if they could publish on their own
  •  JP NavarroLee Liming and Shava Smallen to explore potential XSEDE allocated projects and community software areas would prefer to use CVMFS