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    • PI (John/Ron) - 
      • Created google drive for review. Included last year's review report & responses as well as RY5 annual report/program plan.
      • Reminder: by Friday next week need copies of all draft slides in this folder, so send PPT slides to John by mid-day Friday at latest. 
      • Wiki has been updated with agenda & slide templates. 
      • Discussed attendees with Bob. He is open to more folks as observers. All sessions will be open to all L2s/L3s and a few others. A lot of L3s haven't been exposed to a review so this is a good opportunity. As observers, camera/mic off and don't speak unless spoken to. 
    • Tim
      • No update

    • CEE (Kelly) - 
      • Concentrating on QM & review. Working on slides on growth of programs over time. Data is impressive. Expanding in some intentional ways and some unexpected. 
        • Phil would like to highlight some of this in his presentation. Will work with Kelly on this. 
      • Linda out with Adv Computing for Social Change for faculty. 

    • ECSS (Bob S/Phil/Sergiu) -
      •  Focused on review

    • XCI (Dave L/Tabitha/Shava) -  

      • Review slides nearly done
      • XCI has migrated terminology based on training that was held

    • Ops (Greg/Victor) -   
      • Working through contingencies for transition to ACCESS

      • Working with Tabitha re. onboarding new SPs

      • Preparing for QM & review 

    • RAS (Dave H/Ken/Nathan) -  

      • Opp for next XRAC opened Tuesday. 20 different compute resources that can be requested. Includes several new SPs

    • Program Office (Ron/Leslie) - 
    • SP Forum (Ruth) -  

      • Met last week. New SPs continue to have challenges with AMIE but working through those. 
      • Cancelling next Thursday's meeting
      • Opportunities for SPs to participate in terminology training? Kelly believes that should be fine but she'll double check. Sergiu will bring this up during task force meeting next week and report get back to Ruth.
      • Next session will be recorded so that could also be shared. "But it would be for staff who couldn’t make the training, not external" (Susan Mehringer).
      • Also will be available as a BoF at PEARC.
    • UAC (Emre) -   
      • No update 
    • NSF (Bob C) - 

      Next Meeting:     SMT - July 1, 2021