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Mark Huang

Texas A&MX
JP NavarroU Chicago/ XSEDE
Chuck SchwartzPurdueX
Jason St. JohnPurdueX
Francis DangTexas A&MX
Jeffrey FreyUniversity of Delaware
Trevor  CooperSDSC
Vikram GazulaUniversity of Kentucky
Shava SmallenSDSC /XSEDEX
Anita SchwartzUniversity of Delaware
John HuffmanUniversity of Delaware
Paul WilliamsUniversity of DelawareX
Kevin ColbyPurdue
David CarverTACCX
Tabitha SamuelNICS/XSEDEX
Derek SimmelPSC/XSEDEX
Stephen BirdIU/ XSEDEX
Lisa PerezTexas A&M
Lee LimingGlobus/ XSEDEX


  • Announcements
    • PEARC21 upcoming deadlines for Panels, BoFs, Posters and Visualizations
    • RY5 annual report due this week
    • XSEDE Security trust group meeting
  • GCS 5 Rollout plan and updates 
  • XCI Updates:
    • CoManage update
    • RDR update
    • Changes to web SSO
  • Open discussion


  • Announcements
    • PEARC21 upcoming deadlines for Panels, BoFs, Posters and Visualizations:RY5
    • XSEDE Security trust group meeting
      • Monday afternoon call for the XSEDE security community
      • New SPs: Please have security staff added to the security-discuss mailing list
        • Send e-mail to for info about security-related e-mail lists in XSEDE and the weekly Trust & Incident Response call.
        • Trust & Incident Response call - a brief call to share security activity at sites in our community and to discuss security observations of the week.
      • Please email Derek or Alex questions or concerns or submit a ticket to
    • XSEDE Reporting Year 5 annual report due this week
  • GCS 5 Rollout plan and updates - Lee Liming
    • Slides are at:
    • Questions/clarifications
      • Guest collection: Can administrators restrict who 'guests' are? There are security implications to who can access project data outside of allocated users.
      • Can both version 4 and 5 run on same hardware? No you cannot run two version of GCS on the same DTN.
      • X509 question: Use that to map into a user's home directory, how does that work with Oauth?
        • There is a new CLI available within GCS5.4 to generate a map file
      • Sharing mode: Does the 'guest' user need an account on the system? No the guest account does not need an account on the system.
    • Requesting volunteers for testing
    • Half day workshop to setup GCS5.4?
    • PEEARC21 tutorial for GCS5.4
  • XCI Updates:
    • CoManage update:
      • group mgmt system for across services
      • comes from the CILogon team
      • doing it in 3 phases: deployment of server, then integrating with XSEDE JIRA/Confluence, and XSEDE enterprise services, second phase: allocation groups, third phase: user defined groups
      • rolled out to deployment fairly soon, more documentation available then
      • Link to current documentation:
      • does this manage groups across sites or is it intra site?
        • centralized service, therefore authoritative source of group information
    • RDR update
      • RDR developers have been working on an update to RDR to make it easier to enter SP information into RDR
      • Testing of it is complete
      • Stony Brook University could be a potential SP tester
    • Changes to web SSO
      • There is an update to XSEDE Web SSO, one of the underlying services has been switched from Globus to XSEDE's CILogon managed IDP service, now need Duo to login.
      • This is only while using XSEDE's IDP (not your own institution's) while using CILogon on XSEDE web services.
      • XSEDE Web SSO is with 'other options' sign in option and XSEDE Institution for XSEDE Web Portal., Confluence/JIRA is another example where XSEDE Web SSO is used.
  • Open discussion
    • None.