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Discussion Threads

  • Switch from activity specific (SDI/XCI) to component specific planning, design, and testing discussions threads
  • Consider in the future a new component user community discussion thread
  • Consider in the future a new component operator discussion thread


Component documentation should be kept up-to-date as agile changes happen. Many changes may not affect documents.

  • Design/security description
  • Testing plans
  • Operations documentation
  • User documentation
  • Production change log

Engineer Process

As the design/security description changes the dev-ops team should evaluate whether a (mini) design/security review "DSR" would be valuable for important design or security changes.

To trigger a DSR:

  1. Dev-Ops team posts a revised design/security description to the component design thread listing which specific sections and changes need review
  2. Dev-Ops team notifies RACD management to request a mini-DSR and suggests reviewers
  3. RACD management will prepare and manage the mini-DSR
  4. Reviewers will provide feedback and the dev-ops team will reply thru the component design thread
  5. At the end of the DSR the dev-ops team will post a brief DSR summary to the component design thread

As functionality changes the development team should evaluate whether a change specific integration test would be beneficial.

To trigger the testing:

  1. Dev-Opts team posts the revised testing plan to component testing thread and lists which tests need to be run
  2. Dev-Ops team notifies RACD management to start integration testing
  3. Testers will post issues and results and developers will reply thru the component testing thread
  4. Testing lead will summarize the testing results with the pass/fail to the testing thread

As functionality goes production:

  1. Operator will post changes to the production change log


  • There is no launch review and the dev-ops team decides which changes to implement (they can request input if they want).
  • Dev-ops team can trigger a mini-DSR when useful
  • Dev-ops team can trigger a mini-integrated testing when useful
  • Dev-ops team deploys in production when ready and publishes changes to the change log

Recording Bugs and Improvements

  • Bugs or improvements that need to be tracked should be recorded in JIRA, whether we receive them thru tickets, from our own testing, thru direct e-mails, or thru any other channel.
  • Small bugs or improvements should have Issue Type = Task, Bug, or New Feature
  • Small bugs or improvements may be linked as sub-tasks to planned larger Upgrade or Incremental Improvement issues if it makes sense, but they may also remain independent if an appropriate Upgrade or Incremental Improvement issue doesn't exist.