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Tuesday, June 22nd

Zoom coordinates sent by Outlook meeting invitation or available here.

Note: Panel session times are tentative based on 2020 review and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Plenary Sessions


Time (CT)DurationTopic (presentation link)LeadActions/DecisionsParticipants
Plenary9:00am-9:15am15 mins

Gathering & welcome

PM&R Update

Plenary9:15am-10:15am60 mins

Panel Session: Introduction & Project Governance

Project Introduction (John)

Project Governance (Tim)

(Panel session time: 40 min for intro & 35 min for governance)

Plenary10:15am-10:55 am40 mins

Panel Session: Community Impact & Science Use Cases

(Panel session time: 40 min)

 John Towns Sergiu Sanielevici (standing in for Phil Blood)

Break10:55am-11:10 am15 minsBreak   
Plenary11:10am-11:50 am40 mins

Panel Session: CEE

(Panel session time: 45 min)

Plenary11:50pm-12:45 pm55 mins

Panel Session: Program Office

(Panel session time: 60 min)

Summary & Finances (Payne)

Climate Study/User Survey/Longitudinal Studies (DeStefano)

Break12:45-1:00 pm15 mins


Plenary1:00-1:30pm30 mins

Panel Session: XCI

(Panel session time: 30 min)

 David Lifka

 Lucille Jarzynka

ActionsN/ DecisionsA

Plenary1:30pm-2:00pm30 mins

Panel Session: Operations

(Panel session time: 30 min)

Gregory Peterson

Scott Wells

ActionsN/ DecisionsA

Break2:00-2:15pm15 minsBreak   
Plenary2:15-3:00pm45 mins

Panel Session: RAS

(Panel session time: 40 min)

Plenary3:00pm-3:45pm45 mins

Panel Session: ECSS

(Panel session time: 45 min)

Plenary3:45-4pm15 minsClosing

Day 1 Close


Wednesday, June 23th

Zoom coordinates sent by Outlook meeting invitation or available here.

Plenary and Parallel 1/2 Sessions


Time (CT)DurationTopic (presentation link)LeadActions/DecisionsParticipants
Plenary9:00-9:30am30 minsUpdate on ROI project - some new resultsAll
Plenary9:30-10:30am60 minsUser Survey 2021

Tonya Miles

ActionsN/ DecisionsA

PlenaryBreak10:30-11:00am30 minsCampus Champions Fellows Longitudinal StudiesAllBreak11:00-11:15am10:45am15 minsBreak 

Parallel 11110:15am 45-1211:15pm45am60 minsPY11 Budget

SMT; others as interested

Parallel 21110:15am 45-1211:15pm45am
60 minsOpen
Parallel 112:15-1:15pm60 mins

Status of new SP resources

Tabitha Samuel
Parallel 212:15-1:15pm60 mins


Break1:15-1:30pm15 minsBreak

Parallel 11:30-2:30pm60 minsDev Coordination CouncilNathan Tolbert
Parallel 21:30-2:30pm60 minsOpen2:30pm11:45am
Day 2 Close


  • Bob Sinkovits unavailable Tuesday 11-1 CT.

  • Tim Boerner unavailable Wednesday 9-10am CT.
  • Ruth available for portions of Day 1 only. Will not attend Day 2.
  • Maytal Dahan will be unavailable for this quarterly meeting
  • Bryan Snead will be available for portions of Day 1 only.
  • Sonia Nayak unavailable both days.
  • JP Navarro is unavailable both days.
  • A. Withers unavailable 10am-12pm Day 2.

Generic Slide Template

XSEDE NSF Panel Review template (Google slides version) Make a copy and remove the slides that don't apply to your L2 area.