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5 minutesWelcome
10 minutes L2 update
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Sudhakar Pamidighantam - what ECSS assistance does Eric Morgan need in the next phase of his Distant Reader project? Needs backend software implementation support on Jetstream (2). Sudhakar will check.

Lisa Lowe and Davide Del Vento have you spoken about the Tian Di ECSS request? Seems lightweight NIP consulting will suffice. 

Please update

Lisa Lowe : potential project to research visualization software to be used for a machining tool. Can such a project get ECSS assistance? Amit Chourasia and Sergiu Sanielevicisay yes, absolutely, if the team obtains a Startup allocation on some XSEDE resource that can hold the data to be visualized. NIP lightweight consulting is on offer in any case.

5 minutesWrap-upAllNext meeting: February 8.