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  • Announcements
  • XSEDE CRI presentation
  • XCI Updates:
    • Centos 8 planning
    • GCT deployment
    • IPF bug fix to fix some Slurm reporting issues
  • Open discussion


  • Announcements:
    • University of Kentucky resource is now available to be requested by XSEDE researchers in the current allocations request cycle (12/15/20 - 1/15/21). OSN will tentatively participate in this cycle as well
    • There will be a blurb about new SPs newly joining the XSEDE federation in the upcoming January edition of the Impact newsletter that comes from the External Relations group in XSEDE. Tabitha will reach out to the SPs to create the news item.
  • XSEDE CRI: Presentation from XSEDE Cyber-infrastructure Resource Integration (XCRI) group about what the group does and how they work with SPs to help with cluster deployments, promote best practices in ARC technologies, and help with letters for grant proposals. Link to the slides are here.
    • Firak Coskun from Stony Brook requested that the CRI group touch base with their group to make sure installs and deployments look good.
  • XCI Updates:
    • GCT Deployment: There was an update in December to GCT package which included a HPN patch
    • IPF bug fix: There was a bug fix that affected slurm reporting, this is now available in the 1.6 version, please install using yum update.
    • XCI as of 12/31/20 does not support Globus toolkit, encourage everyone to transition to using the Grid community toolkit. This does not apply to Globus Connect Server which is still supported.
    • Discussion reg. what GCS free version offers vs GCS with subscription. JP will follow up with a detailed email to the  sp-software group reg. this.
    • Clarification was made reg. XSEDE GCS license: XSEDE allocated users at XSEDE allocated resources can use the XSEDE GCS license.
    • Centos 8 planning:
      • What are SPs plans for Centos 8 with regards to end of year announcement about moving Centos 8 to subscription service?
      • SPs and interested parties please give feedback to RACD about transition plans so that they can continue to provide seamless support for packages.
      • Bridges2: Looking at Rocky linux and SLES as alternatives.
      • Dave Carver brought up the issue of what does vendor support look like for a streaming support?
      • Jetstream2 is looking at possibly OpenSUSE or SLES.
  • Other updates:
    • Bridges 2 is powered up, friendly user period will be starting soon.
    • Faster anticipates starting friendly user period in April, tentatively will be available for XRAC allocations in the summer.