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 IPR4 - Due Date 11/9IPR5                PY7 Annual          IPR6                 IPR7                 IPR8                PY8 Annual         
Executive SummaryMarquesDebLauraLeslie F.MarquesSoniaLaura
Science and Engineering HighlightsMarquesDebLauraLeslie F.MarquesSoniaLaura
Discussion of Strategic Goals and Key Performance IndicatorsLeslie F.KandaceSoniaLauraKandaceDebLeslie M.
Community Engagement & EnrichmentLeslie F.KandaceSoniaLauraKandaceDebLeslie M.
Extended Collaborative Support ServiceLeslie M. (swap with Laura)Leslie F.KandaceSoniaLeslie F.KandaceSonia
XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure IntegrationLeslie M. (swap with Laura)Leslie F.KandaceSoniaLeslie F.KandaceSonia
XSEDE OperationsLeslie M.MarquesDebLaura (swap with Leslie M.)LauraMarquesKandace
Resource Allocation ServiceLeslie M.MarquesDebLaura (swap with Leslie M.)LauraMarquesKandace
Program OfficeSoniaLeslie M.MarquesDebLeslie M.Leslie F.Deb
Appendix: Other MetricsSoniaLeslie M.MarquesDebLeslie M.Leslie F.Deb
Project Improvement Fund SoniaLeslie M.MarquesDebLeslie M.Leslie F.Deb