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  1. Use case write up
    1. follows established format described in XCRI New Use Case Drafts 
    2. each toolkit should have an associated use case (it can be a canonical use case as defined by RACD).  
    3. Use cases must incorporate requirements from stakeholders (campus champions, CI professionals, researchers)
    4. Use cases will be published in the CSR Use Case Registry
  2. JIRA issue for toolkit toolkit (see examples on XCI's Kanban Board)
  3. Capability Delivery Plan for toolkit as described in XCRI Capability Deployment Plans - the CDP should include candidates for friendly user testing and plan for documenting implementation.
    1. CDPs will be cataloged and published through the CSR
  4.  Release of toolkit to XCSR community software repository (
    1. Putting the toolkit in the relevant repository 
    2. advertising the toolkit as a discoverable component in CSR