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Derek Simmel, PSC

Shava Smallen, XSEDE

Feng Chen, LSU

Lisa Giame, LSU

Tabitha Samuel, UT-NICS

Je'aime Powell, TACC

David Carver, TACC

Trevor Knight, SDSC

Rob Light, OSG

Stephan Thiell, Stanford

Mats Rynge, OSG

Jim Basney, XSEDE

Lee Liming, XSEDE

JP Navarro, XSEDE


Meeting Minutes

  • Announcements
  • For those staff who have XSEDE funding, XSEDE is working on a Publication Initiative where staff can propose papers and writing the papers and submitting for publication would be a funded activity.  Also XSEDE will start a technology report series for those papers not likely to be accepted for publication but a topic XSEDE mgmt believe should be published.  Likely to be approved for next program year.
  • Support for open source Globus Toolkit will end as of January 2018; The Globus cloud service and Globus Connect are unaffected. See announcement at   This will be discussed in today’s agenda.
  • BOF on the Globus support change announcement was had at PEARC ’17. See the BOF Notes. New comment, suggestion or questions can go here.

  • New XSEDE2 website being developed and almost ready.  Draft site available at
  • Software/Services/Engineering Activities
    • Most recent software releases and fixes
      • XCI-21 new version of IPF software publishing with fixes and enhancements ready for deployment. Deployment plan is here.
      • XCI-139 Update GSI-OpenSSH to address double free memory vulnerability.  Deployment plan is being developed and email will be sent when ready.  Expected this week.
    • Latest versions of software in software.xsede.orgNothing new posted since last call
  • SP Coordination
    • New RDR updates include: Long/Latit, Sensitive Data checkbox and textbox, XSEDEnet checkbox, Gateway Recommended Use (free format text field), Gateway Support Attributes (select from list). Please review your RDR entries and update these if you haven’t already
    • software list page needs to be updated.  I noticed some items (deployment  plans, etc.) are out of date. Will be updating this.
  • Focused Discussion for today
    • Support for open source Globus Toolkit will end as of January 2018
      The XCI team that is preparing an impact analysis and transition plan for Globus Toolkit de-support would like to to discuss the impact of this announcement with SPs. Will summarizing preliminary XSEDE operations impact assessment and may discover more items after discussion.  Lee Liming gave a presentation on this and his presented materials are listed below:
      View file
      View file
    • Derek explained  how XSEDE's accepted certificate authorities (CAs) provide an assurance path for user credentials. We should maintain or enhance our user credential assurance path thru this transition.