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Victor Hazlewood, SP Coordinator

Lisa Giame, LSU

Dave Carver, TACC

Trevor Cooper, SDSC

JP Navarro, XCI-RACD

Bret Hammon, IU

Shava Smallen, XCI

J. Ray Scott, PSC




-          XSEDE2 started Sept 1.  XSEDE wiki now at

Highlighted item

-          Fix to information services information publishing framework (IPF) software location and install guide.  There was a typo in the install guide for IPF that pointed to a non-existent directory.  I have fixed the software location to be known as “ipf” which I had been using “Glue2” in the past.   Both of these now point to the same place


Software/Services/Engineering activities

-          SDIACT-202 "Incremental GSI-OpenSSH fixes and enhancements.  Deployment plan to come soon.  Addressing the iSSH and HPN install and configuration differences from the regular OpenSSH

-          SDIACT-027 Globus Sharing
(SDIACT-027 deployment guide) (link to Globus Sharing area in

-          SDIACT-200 Improve data transfer performance with a central logging and transfer analysis service

(SDIACT-200 deployment guide) (link to data transfer logging area in


SP Coordination

-          Allocations changes for staff allocation

Discussion about allocation changes in XSEDE2. XSEDE1 had staff allocations on the staff resource. Staff resource was all allocable compute resources.  XSEDE2 will do this differently.  All of the XSEDE1 allocation are expiring 9/30 or 10/30.  If an XSEDE staff member or group needs an allocation that will have to be requested through the staff allocation request on XRAS and select the individual systems that are needed.  So for XCI Victor has requested a staff allocation on all resources for the SP coordination, INCA user and XCI-RACD work.  If other XSEDE staff or XSEDE SPs need a staff allocation they will have to request a new one.

-          XDMoD compliance report

  • A couple of items for PSC to look at.  I sent to J.Ray this morning
  • Also an item for Gordon-ION but I think that system is no longer in production based on RDR entries so I am double checking with staff at XDMoD at UBuffalo
  • Other than that it is in really good shape!!!  Thanks to everyone for their attention to this and updating RDR entries in the past.

-          SP checklists.  The RACD group made a really great webpage for tracking this in response to Lisa’s (LSU) request to have something to keep track of XSEDE software to install.  I have updated it with the SP information for those SPs who recently went through SP checklists which include TACC, LSU and PSC.  If the columns don’t have a date then for the software I just went by what I checked recently.   We can discuss whether I should leave that out or not going forward.  Upcoming checklist reviews to schedule.

  • Jetstream – to be schedule in October
  • Stanford – to be scheduled

-          Open Discussion (as time permits

There was a discussion about Globus support.  If there are globus tickets that cannot be answered by SPs or XSEDE staff those tickets can be moved to the XCI queue.   There was also a discussion about Globus Connect and Globus Personal connect.  JP recommended that we have someone from the Globus team scheduled for a discussion on this on next month’s call.  I have put this down for next month’s agenda.