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Tabitha – NICS

Victor – XSEDE

Jeff Pummill – Arkansas

Nathan Gregg – WVU

Trevor Cooper – SDSC

Laura Branch, David Carver - TACC

JP Navarro – XSEDE

Suranga P. – GSU

Feng Chen - LSU

Jeremy Fischer, George Turner, Mike Lowe – IU

Derek Simmel - PSC


Meeting Minutes


  • Status and results of the security incident at TACC and the rebuild of the SSO hub out of abundance of caution.
  • XSEDE’xy conference moved to PEARC’xy conference.  See and the call of participation.

Software/Services/Engineering Activities

  • Review of new software listing on website was discussed.   Trevor asked if the table can be completed with the definitive links to info for the deployment guides and installation guides, etc. 
  • Victor will be circling back on the recent SP checklist reviews and review the outstanding action items. Will contact SPs as needed.
  • GSI-OpenSSH reminder

The publishing of the version of the GSI-OpenSSH is available in the website at The location where you can see the version strings of SP software published in XSEDE information services is at

  • SDIACT-187 Improved gateway_submit_attributes
  • SDIACT-216 Improved xdusage
  • XCI-21 Information Publishing Framework (IPF) fixes/enhancements
  • SDIACT-190,191,192 Globus Auth is in testing
  • JP mentioned that they are working with SPs that have GPUs to revise the XUP usage display to include GPUs and would like to have a discussion with SPs that are interested in participating.  He took a list of those SPs interested in discussing this improvement.

SP Coordination

  • Stampede 2 June 1, 2017 target production date.  Starting integration process with TACC