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Jamie Powell, TACC

Dave Carver, TACC

Laura Branch, TACC

Trevor Cooper, SDSC

Stephane Thiell, Stanford

Kilian Cavalotti, Stanford

Victor Hazlewood, NICS

Derek Simmel, PSC

Jeremy Fischer, IU

Lee Yan, LSU

Rob Quick, OSG


Meeting Minutes

  • Announcements
  • Latest versions of software in
    • Globus Toolkit is version 6.0.5
    • Globus GridFTP is version 6.0.3
    • XSEDE version of GSI-OpenSSH 7.1p2f-9
      Dave Carver mentioned that it seemed like the version numbers in Globus for 6.0 and beyond are different and have a large third number.  Victor looked at Globus documentation for the version information.  This is available at and that seems to support the “major.minor.point” versioning.   Will check with the  Globus Team and get back to SPs on the current status of Globus versioning as it relates to XSEDE software releases of Globus.
  • Shava mentioned the following are software that are coming soon
    • New version of Information Publishing Framework
    • New version of GSI-SSH
    • SP Coordination
      • Getting lots of SPs, mostly unallocated XSEDE Federation members, to have a listing in RDR so they can show up in the SP Resource Dashboard (separate from the Resources page on the XSEDE website/portal)
        Trevor saw the SP Resource Dashboard and liked it but asked how the “monitoring” part is tied back to INCA testing.   Shava will send an email to him with the specifics.  Victor mentioned that there is the page which has a summary table for all allocated SPs that participate in INCA testing and the results of the tests are shown there and one can drill down into the test results to get at the details.
      • RDR has had a checkbox added for participation in XSEDEnet. I’ll be updating those entries this week.  New RDR updates include: Long/Latit, Sensitive Data checkbox and textbox, XSEDEnet checkbox.
        XSEDEnet is XSEDE’s private network between some XSEDE SPs (mostly allocated but there are some that are not).  Victor will mark all the XSEDEnet participants for sites so they won’t have to update this info.   This combined with Longitude and Latitude information will allow us to create an on demand map.
      • Open Discussion
        • Trevor brought up that Rob (Light) had sent info to Nicole at SDSC to get them to update their AMIE software.  He was surprised that sending a tar file in email for software updates was done.  Victor said he will contact Amy Schuele and bring up this software distribution issue.  XSEDE should be using to distribute software such as this and to provide signature files to verify software authenticity.
        • Derek mentioned that GSI OpenSSH 7.3.p1c has an interaction problem with authentication with putty.  Even with the newest version of putty logins can fail with a weird authentication message. A workaround they developed was the go to the putty config and move the AES encryption down in the list below the others.  Seems like an interaction with AES is the culprit and this is a workaround for putty clients to the latest version of GSI OpenSSH.