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Yue B., Haddad, B.G., Khan, U., Chen, H., Atalla, M., Zhang, Z., Zuckerman, D.M., Reichow, S.L., & Bai, D. (2020). Connexin 46 and connexin 50 gap junction channel open stability and unitary conductance are shaped by structural and dynamic features of their N-terminal domains. Unpublished manuscript.

From Christopher Sherald, University of Kansas, participant in fall 2020:

"As an aspiring physicist, the XSEDE EMPOWER program has helped me in realizing my career goals in a number of ways. The program is currently helping to familiarize me with programming and supercomputing, to learn more about data analysis, and providing computation resources that will help in speeding up sizeable simulations. My research with XSEDE and my current mentor is being used to create a presentation at the National Society of Black Physicists (NSBP) conference."

From Adith Srivatsa, Georgia Institute of Technology, participant in fall 2020: